Reasons I now want to be called the Franfluencer

Apparently, a 'binfluencer' is that person in your street who puts out their rubbish and recycling first, leading to a rush of activity as all the neighbours follow suit.

That must mean that a chinfluencer starts facial hair fashions, a ginfluencer leads others in trying new alcoholic flavours and a drive-in-fluencer is that chap at the head of the traffic queue at McDonald's. 

Let's not stop there. (I am ignoring you at the back, shouting, 'Yes, let's!') 

Is a pigeon-fluencer a bird which struts ahead of the flock in the search for crumbs? 

Does a Boleyn-fluencer lead the campaign for posthumous justice for beheaded second wives? 

Are enough break-in-fluencers convicted? 

Do rolling-pin-fluencers hate everyone who uses ready-prepared pastry? 

Do has-been-fluencers jolly middle-aged B-list celebrities along?  

Do puffin-fluencers try to persuade other bird species to paint their beaks in bright colours?

I mean, who's going to ignore him?


Is a therein-fluencer someone who wants the rest of the world to use archaic vocabulary? 

Does a sevendeadlysin-fluencer tempt those who've only done six of them to complete the set?

Is a take-it-on-the-chinfluencer someone who runs resilience workshops? 

Do The-Adventures-of-TinTinfluencers read any other kinds of books? 

Does a haematoporphyrin-fluencer ever dare to tell people they meet what their job is? 



  1. Oh my goodness, that is genius!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†Here's my penny 's worth. A din-fluencer. A person who, through their bubbly and outgoing nature, causes us quieter ones to get carried away and overexcited.

  2. Superb! You are now The Franfluencer! You need a cape, I feel and a headpiece of some kind.

  3. Welcome to the world of fluence, of which I am NOT part and never will be. What on earth is a haematoporphyrin?

    1. 'The world of fluence'! That made me smile. As for haemat ... haemato .... Here's a definition from the internet. I hope it helps, ha ha!

      Hematoporphyrin (Photodyn, Sensibion) is a porphyrin prepared from hemin. It is a derivative of protoporphyrin IX, where the two vinyl groups have been hydrated (converted to alcohols). It is a deeply colored solid that is usually encountered as a solution. Its chemical structure was determined in 1900.[1] It is used as a photosensitizer in photodynamic therapy. Acetylation of hematoporphyrin followed by hydrolysis of the product of that reaction affords a mixture called hematoporphyrin derivative (HPD), which is also used in photodynamic therapy.[2]

    2. Have had PDT photodynamic therapy on my face twice against skin cancer. A ferocious skin peeling ... but it recovers.

    3. Glad to hear that, Diana. It's obviously as effective as it sounds!

  4. I thought your pigeon-fluencer might be at the top of the bird flu queue!


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