Evidence that I am not always trivial and flippant (should you, of course, NEED such evidence ...)

My short poem about the inconsistencies of our world, posted on the fabulous Poetry 24 'news-in-poetry' website today.



  1. If you ever considered starting another blog, then maybe, 'The Flip-side of Fran'?

  2. Yes, Martin - the flip-side of flippant Fran. I do like a bit of affliperation.

  3. Good words.

    The human herd gets it's priorities very wrong sometimes.

  4. On my way over there to take a look.

  5. Thanks, Charlotte. I like your phrase 'the human herd'. Says it all!

    BB - thank you kindly. I value your opinion.

    Alan - have a good journey!

  6. That's lovely, Fran. Says it all, really. In this week's Times there was a two-page spread of the terrible famine, followed by a page devoted to the woman (who earns millions herself) who "needs" $65,000 dollars a month in her divorce settlement for chauffeurs for her one child, manicures, pedicures, clothes...It makes you weep.

  7. Yes... progress is moot point when people are still starving due to abject poverty.


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