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Reasons why Lanzarote may not welcome Fran back

Did you miss me? Sorry! I was away in Lanzarote.


Here I am, wearing a cardigan and trying to avoid sunlight. Because that's why people go to Lanzarote, obvs.

My sister invited me on the holiday. It was a kind of arrangement and I had about a week's notice. Had I been still working as a schoolteacher, I'd have been forced to say no. But I'm working from home at the moment - tutoring and writing and pretending to clean the kitchen properly - so, I was free to go.

I wasn't sure she'd picked the right person for her companion. 'You do realise there are reasons I never go on holiday to hot countries?' I said to her. 'I don't do sun. I rarely do outside, frankly. That's why Paul and I head off to Whitby in Yorkshire each summer, where we know it will rain and we can safely wear anoraks with the hoods up.'

She promised Lanzarote would only be 21 degrees at the end of January and I was guaranteed cardigan wearage at leas…