Evidence that Fran will never get work as a travel writer

I've been in Dorset for the week on holiday. Here's a flavour.

Mint choc chip.


I mean, here's a flavour of the holiday. In pictures and captions.

You know by now not to expect pictures of fields or beaches or sunsets from my holiday pics, don't you?

The saddest way to advertise a vacancy. I almost applied, I felt so sorry for them.

So unfortunate, to get it right in the small writing and then bugger it up in the big writing.

Outside the RNLI shop in Lyme Regis - a dog made of wellies. That's just genius.

The worst case of misquotation ever.

To be funeral directors was their destiny.

We were on the top deck of a double decker bus, hurtling down 1 in 8 slopes. Skiing is so last year. 

Two approaches to decorating one's beach hut.

And, finally, you know that scene at the beginning of 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' in which Meryl Streep stands on the end of the Cobb in Lyme Regis and looks over her shoulder alluringly?
Well, don't think about that as you view this last picture ...


  1. I love the rubber boot dog, I've sent that on to my daughter.

    1. It was a stroke of genius by the shop as absolutely everyone stopped to have a look at it, and many wandered into the shop ...

  2. Your vacation shots are awesome! Never a dull moment :)

    1. I don't need much entertainment. I'm a cheap date.

  3. I was terrified standing on that Cob st Lyme Regis !

  4. Ah, but you were going for alluringly mysterious ...


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