The books

Thanks for coming over to the Books page!  There are (so far) two whole books I can tell you about :)

'Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean?' 

My new book, published by SPCK Publishing in May this year, is called 'Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean?' The publisher is describing it as 'A warm, witty and slightly anarchic memoir of a year in the life of a busy teacher' which pretty well sums it up!

You can order it from SPCK Publishing or from Amazon or go to my website here to learn more about me and/or the book first!

On my website, you can sign up for email updates. 

'Being Miss'

I self-published my first book - a novella - a few years ago but it's still available and people are still finding it funny. It covered just one day in a teacher's life and is set in a boys' independent school. As you can imagine, classes filled with thirty or so teenage boys will never result in a dull day!

'Being Miss' looks like this.

It's dead cheap and you can buy it on Kindle from here or in paperback from my website Books page here

Happy reading! And thank you.


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