Evidence that my loyalty to Tenby is a fragile, fragile thing ....

Regular readers will know that Tenby in South Wales played a big, big part in my life earlier in the year, even if its only attractions were A Big Wall and a Library and Enough Icecream to replace all the melted ice at the North Pole and reverse Global Warming.

You can read about Tenby here and and in other 'Me Travelling' posts if you like.

Now, promise me you won't mention this to Tenby, but Whitby, in North Yorkshire, where I've just been for a week, has No Boring Wall, a Bigger Library, and just as much Icecream.  It also, though, has another staple foodstuff.

Here is a picture of Whitby.

Here is a picture of what I did in Whitby.

Here is a picture of what I saw everyone else doing in Whitby.

Here is a picture of Me after a week in Whitby.

As you may have gathered from my subtle hints, fish and chips are not just a staple foodstuff in Whitby, but are so revered and worshipped that, as you walk along the seafront, you can see all the fish just leaping out of the water, desperate to be caught, and singing this little song ...

Take me, take me, and cover me in batter
Fry me, fry me, so I can make you fatter
Eat me, eat me, along with lots of chips
Then hate me, hate me, for what I do to hips.

We spent a week in Whitby, eating fish and chips.  Then we travelled back by train on Saturday evening, got back into the house at 7pm in the evening and just couldn't face cooking, so I persuaded the husband to go and buy a takeaway.  

Here is a picture of our takeaway.

Actually, I lie.  Here is a picture of our takeaway.

Fish and chips are like blogs.  It's just so difficult to drop the habit once you've started ....


  1. You didn't find Fecci's fish and chip shop in Tenby????

  2. Oh goodness Fran this is so funny! I am ROFLOL here. And the fish and chips look incredible. *yum yum* *salivating* *drooling on keyboard*

  3. So that's what they mean when they refer to Britain's battered coastline?

  4. Glad you had a good time in Whitby :-) Will you ever be able to look a plate of fish n' chips in the face again?

  5. Did you eat a lot of fish and chips in Whitby, by any chance?
    I hear they go for them in a big way.

    Glad to have you back, but how will I recognise you? Is it the smell of fish shops clinging to your posts?

  6. No mushy peas? Have you no class, woman?! Fish and chips are for the commoners. Snobs like me have fish and chips with mushy peas and pickled onions. Veg, see. Makes it all far healthier.

  7. Veg Artist - It was in the same road as the one where our holiday home was. Of COURSE we found it!

    KarenG - I am honoured to know that I can make you dribble over your keyboard. It has been my life's ambition to cause such a reaction.

    Martin H - yup, that's right. And that's where we saw lots of chips sailing by.

    Eliza - every time we had a plate of fish and chips, we were so stuffed, we swore we wouldn't do it again. Funnily enough, 24 hours later, it seemed like the best idea ever!

    Friko - yes, my blog now smells of salt and vinegar rather than chocolate. For a while, anyway.

    Steve - yes, we did have mushy peas sometimes. But no pickled onions. I guess that still makes me a pleb. Do people still eat pickled eggs with fish and chips, too? I remember big jars of them in the fish and chip shop when I was a kid.

  8. The only place to eat fish and chips. Just not the same at home.

  9. Fran, I can't believe you'd forsake Tenby like that. And all for some chips... for shame! :)

  10. They do look very good. But did you have to post this the day I swear I'm going to seriously start losing weight and have just come home from a late shift and a very smalltea? 8(

  11. Ever tried mint jelly with fish and chips? gives a bit more class than a pickle; never heard of a pickle with fish and chips this side of the world.
    I love all Margaret Forsters books. Have just reread Venetion Blinds by Ethel Mannin, first published 1933. A great read.

  12. Oh god, yum yum. I'm afraid I'm also missing the mushy peas...but damn those chips look good.

  13. Anonymous16/8/10 19:00

    A week in Whitby = A week of Fish & Chips !?

    Can you please take me next time? :)

  14. Anonymous16/8/10 19:02

    And they look delicious. I'm envious.
    Thanks for a mouthwatering post.

    All the best, Boonsong

  15. Anonymous16/8/10 23:23

    I read this post before breakfast and I still fancied the fish 'n' chips. That proves how much I like them! Glad you are back, blogging after your summer break.

  16. Welcome back Fran, I missed your grand return.
    I have eaten my fair share of fish and chips this summer and cheescake and apple pie..........
    Good to see your progress, hope the sitcom comes to our screens sometime soon.
    Is it about fish and chips?

  17. The fish and chip pictures are almost enough to make me want to go and buy a ticket to Tenby - never mind to ride...
    So nice to have you back home in Blogland!

  18. Elizabethm - this is true. There's nothing like tucking into a dead fish while watching all the live ones swimming along.

    Talli - let's just call it bigamy. I still love Tenby very much.

    Brokenbiro - sorry about that. You could always go for a long, long, long run after eating fish and chips. Like, ten miles or so.

    LinensandRoyals - nope, haven't tried the mint jelly. I think you may move in different social circles to me. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    English Rider - newspaper? These days it's bits of white paper that aren't half so exciting. Mind you, it was always tough trying to fill in the crossword when your paper was covered in grease and vinegar.

    J J Beattie - it was a particularly tasty picture, I thought. Thank you very much to whoever I stole it from.

    richii - You'd bankrupt me. I've seen how much you eat.

    Boonsong - that's the thing about people posting food pictures on their blogs. It sends you straight to the kitchen.

    Christine - fish and chips for breakfast ... not sure about that one. But I'm happy to try anything once.

    Brigid - apple pie sounds like a GOOD idea. The sitcom is a radio one, and it's about a doctors' surgery. I will get fish and chips in there somewhere, no doubt.

    jinksy - the power of the visual image ....

  19. After seeing those pics, I know what I am having for dinner tonight. But with added gravy (I am a northerner after all).

  20. Annie - I agree, I agree. Chips and gravy, yum. But what's with the chips and curry sauce thing, and the chips and mayonnaise thing? Very strange!

    June - Don't let it happen. You deserve more than this.

  21. I thought they lived on blood in Whitby , or am I thinking of Dracula ?
    Meanwhile your photo(s) make my proposed diet-conscious baked cod look even more pitiful .

  22. Well, although I should be faithful to Tenby, I do love Whitby. Remind me, what are the fish and chips like there?

  23. Fran,
    Welcome back and thanks for dropping by. I have been much less productive this summer...and I can't think of one thing that I have accomplished. If "What I did on my summer holiday" were a race, you'd win! But all those fish and chips might slow you down. I'm gaining on you...but, maybe I'll stop for a snack. Okay, you win!

    When I read your pieces I get homesick for the motherland I left over half a century ago. Maybe I'll take my birthday trip to England instead of Hawaii. No, wait...England in late October? Probably not.

  24. SmitandSon - ah, yes, Dracula was a big part of the Whitby experience. That's why I avoided having tomato ketchup on my chips. It just didn't feel right.

    Chris Stovell - Fish and chips? What ARE you on about?

    Nana - England in late October can be great. If you have a fur coat, a very large umbrella, and big boots. But don't let me put you off. A nice portion of fish and chips can warm you up nicely too. Especially if you keep them under your coat.

  25. I'm sorry if everyone else said this in your last set of comments but I don't have time to read them because I must email my aunt's social worker and cry electronically but - you wrote a sitcom? I mean a whole sitcom?????


  26. Isabelle - sorry about the aunt thing. That doesn't sound a happy situation. In terms of the sitcom, to submit one you have to write the whole first episode and then plan the rest of a potential series and send synopses for five more episodes. So I have ... and am waiting to hear.

  27. I've got the same fixation, but on banana splits and they definitely fill out the butt and you'd think that would disway me but NO!

  28. Whitby is a truly wonderous place and the fish and chips are always said to be the finest in the country. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Yorkshire.

  29. Maggie - Yes, I can see how banana splits might be considered dangerous!

    Alan - yes, we had a great time. And I think we gave the fish and chips a good test!

  30. Well, you still deserve the Coo for having done the one episode plus the other projected ones.

    I, in contrast, have washed the kitchen curtains. Bow down in respect.


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