In which Fran considers sacrifices she must make for her glittering future

Now that I know that I am world famous, even to the extent that I have a brand of chocolate named after me in Japan, I have realised that I will have so many requests for international radio and TV interviews and so many invitations onto famous chat shows that I will not have time to maintain two blogs.  Also, I need to be preparing my one woman stage show, as I'm sure I'll be going on tour some time pretty soon.

Because of  all this, I have decided not to pursue the other blog I started only a week ago.

This decision has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with having woken in the night twice this week thinking, 'What the heck did I do that for? How am I going to have time to keep two blogs going?  How will I decide which one to update?  When will I eat, drink and breathe?  Why am I such a blithering idiot?  Why didn't I take better heed of Steve's warning that I will no longer have a life?'  WHY AM I AWAKE AT 3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING?'

As I said, absolutely NOTHING to do with any of that ...........

(I would like to thank those of you who kindly signed up to 'Take the Mick Lit'.  Please be assured that I will be taking the mick out of Lit in my usual irreverent manner on this blog, just as I was doing before.)

(Those of you who thought, 'Oh, thank goodness she's moved those stupid booky posts somewhere else', I am truly, truly sorry.  I brightened up your week only to bring it all crashing down again.  I am so fickle.  You are right to judge.)


  1. I keep two blogs going but one is very quiet and laid back, no pressure, so it works for me. Still, sometimes I wonder where I'll be in 5 years. Still posting on 2 blogs? Really? I'm not sure I can think of this as a long-term activity.

  2. Oh, thank goodness, I thought it was me. I thought you had cut me off from your new blog as not worthy enough as I have a boring one syllable name (though you wouldn't know that as it's a secret) and I don't have a chocolate bar named after me. Phew.

  3. Oh, the things we must sacrifice... Do you know, you should get an assistant to do all your blogging for you, now that you're so famous. She could be called Pauline.

  4. A post containing the word "Fickle" is always welcome:)

  5. Ulp. Feel like I have given you blogging cold feet. As someone who maintains 3 blogs I have to admit that only one gets updates regularly. The other 2 only get new posts every 2 months or so... or when I feel like it. Seriously, don't ditch your other blog just yet. You never know when inspiration will strike. Or indeed, go on strike.

  6. We still love you wherever you are and whatever you're on about!

  7. A wise decision. I kept 2 blogs going for a while, but it wasn't easy. They got more and more demanding, sucking every last minute out of my life, not that I really had anything else to do.

    Besides, neither of them became instantly famous as I had hoped. Stick with your chocolates.

  8. Blogging certainly does eat into your time. At the moment, I'm taking the 'as and when' approach.

  9. I could never run two blogs simultaneously. Mind you, I'm still in mourning for all my lost followers from my first French Fancy blog - why do we take it all so seriously, Fran?

  10. Karen G - well, I didn't even make it to a short-term activity, so you're doing very well.

    Invisible Woman - just imagine if there was a chocolate bar named after your profile name. There would be queues miles long.

    Alexandra - I will advertise right away.

    English Rider - I love that word, too. Fickle, fickle, fickle, fickle, fickle, fickle .. okay, I'll stop now.

    Steve - it's okay, please don't feel responsible. I only put 99% of my decision at your feet.

    Brokenbiro - aw, shucks. I blush.

    Chris Stovell - Oh, I dunno. Feels pretty good, like putting a big bag of potatoes down you've been carrying for a week.

    Lesley - blogs are like leeches in that way.

    Martin - You're doing pretty well on your 'as and when', I'd say.

    French Fancy - well, I tried it for a week, and failed. Why do we take it seriously? Because it's BLOGGING and BLOGGING is cool!!!

  11. Oh I didn't know! I missed that you had another blog! I have two but one I don't put much work into really...

  12. I think this was just one of those publicity things like when they said that Dennis the Menace would in future wear a shell suit and trainers, or ... well, I can't think of any other examples but anyway - you just wanted to hit the headlines ("Well-known chocolate bar starts second blog"). You've got our attention now. And I bet it's been a while since you've been compared to Dennis the Menace.

  13. Talli - it's okay. You didn't miss much. Just a bloggy flash in the bloggy pan.

    Isabelle - dash it all! I've been rumbled!

  14. Due to chronic procrastination, I was saved from a simmilar folly recently, when I thought of starting up a WordPress blog just because their templates were so PRETTY. You're perfectly normal, Fran, and what's more, you've got the guts to admit it. Bravo!

  15. May we comment pathetically and indefinitely on your other unattended blog? It would amuse us, our words wasted on the desert air.

  16. By the way, about the glittering future: when you are very rich, how much money will you be able to send us PER MONTH?

  17. Deborah - it's been years since anyone accused me of being normal.

    Mise - your words are never wasted. I appreciate your comment on my non-blog. In fact, I think I might start a completely new blog called the Non-Blog, leave nothing on it, and see how many people comment. Could this be a new international phenomonon? And, as for the money, per month, say, about ... well, none.


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