More evidense that peeple should wotch there speeling

Sorry - don't normally post twice in one hour (can you tell there's marking and planning to be done ...) but couldn't resist posting this BBC news story which is a result of a very unfortunate misspelling .....

New ideas for entertaining oneself inside one's own intestines

Watch the little video, and look carefully at what it says at the very top of the poster.  It makes it even worse ...


  1. Hello Fran, dear. I have just noticed the charming comments you posted on IMC. I am so glad you enjoy the blog!

  2. Not sure I want "Council leader John Merry" to investigate a blunder with my bowels...

  3. Now I've choked twice in an hour!

    I'm almost at the age when I should start getting obsessed with bowls.

    Did you hear the unfortunate mention of phartridges on R4? Sorry, went off at a tangent there - or maybe I didn't. Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. I guess the all important question might be, "Whose end is it?"

  5. Gonna take a look at the video now!

  6. Suzie - you're welcome.

    Steve - no, you're right. With a name like that, sounds like he might get carried away.

    Christine - no, didn't hear the phartridges. Classic!

    Martin - Or, will they ever get to the bottom of it?

  7. Spelling is going the way of the dinosaur. Sad to say.

  8. I was waiting to see what Pansy had in store when I saw a sign this weekend alerting me to 'Winter Pansy's'. Winter Pansy's what? Who is Winter Pansy?

  9. Well, listen: it could be worse.
    What if it had said, "OUTDOOR BOWELS"???

  10. Nedine - oh well, no one ever used to bother about it in Shakespeare's day. And I'm sure they got along fine.

    Chris - Your mind works just like mine. I'm always on the lookout for signs. Shop windows are my favourite places.

    June - oh yuk. What an image.

  11. Oh love it.

    That poster must have gone through so many hands and no-one noticed??

  12. Lane - I know. It's unbelievable. But true.

    Jenny - I love poking fun at others' mistakes. It's cruel, but enjoyable.

  13. Oh dear me - you have to laugh or you'd cry.


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