Reasons why I feel unprepared for the New Year

Right. I'm sure I can cope once it turns midnight.   Just need a little practice .....






"Twothousanun ..."

Okay, sod that for a game of soldiers.  I'll try the easier way.



"TwentyEEEEE (big gap to delineate the words)  EEEleven."

I give up.  Whose stupid idea was it to have us nununununning and ee-ee-ee-ee-ing all over the place?  Did no one consult a speech therapist before plunging us into this decade?

I'm off to bed.  I feel an eejit anyway, sitting in front of my computer practising saying a date when everyone else is out enjoying fireworks with friends.

Before I go, though, I'll wish you all a Happy New Ne ...

Happy New Yew ...

Happy N ...

All good wishes for the year ahead.

(And, for your information, no more than two small glasses of wine.)


  1. Happy New Year Fran. I admit to 2 big glasses of wine last night and then saying twenty eleven very quickly. I had my usual early night with 2 cats and a good book about cats and once again missed the Sydney Harbour bridge fireworks spectacular.

  2. Happy New Year and welcome to the Twenteens :-)

  3. Who is EVER prepared for the New Year? Have a happy . . .

  4. Happy New Year to you, from Boonie

  5. If , this morning , you still find yourself troubled by the effects of overindulgence in alcohol , Newnes Household Encyclopaedia has a recipe for a palatable concoction , containing peppermint water , magnesia , sulphate of iron and spirits of nutmeg which , they say , prevents the physical and mental prostration that follow drunkenness .
    But if , on waking , you can still move your tongue just try repeating twothousandan...deleven .
    You'll sound as though you're giving dictation to the Juniors .

  6. 2011? I thought it was 1985. Well, that's how I've been living anyway.

  7. We saw 2011 in with Speckly Woo! for the first time. It was a special moment, even if we did toast the new year with mugs of tea!

  8. Don't bother - it'll be over before we know where we are, anyway. Just start practising now: twenty-twelve. Go on, say it.

    Or you could try: twenty-ten A. Just like I'm fifty-nine A these days.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Try to be a bit more sensible this year, now. Or not.

  9. HNY, Fran!
    Maybe you could just call the year MXXI and be done with it. Would that be easier?

  10. I was going to reply last night but completely ran out of sobriety.... Cheers and happy new year!

    But we still don't know what to call this decade... I think I'll christen it 'the austeriteens' - whaddya think?

  11. Happy New Year Fran. I'm taking a leaf out of my friend's book and pronouncing it: "Twenny elebbenny". Win.

  12. I quite like twentyleven. Tis the year I shall turn thirty and have some fun woohoooo

  13. I am practising all of your suggestions for alternative ways of saying it. I would have been so bored today if I hadn't all this to keep me occupied. Someone rang and said would I like to go to their party and I said, no way, I have things to do. Thank you so much, friends.

  14. Hope 2011 takes it easy on you! :)

  15. Twennny elevenny,with a Texas accent.

    An excellent New Year to you, Miss Fran, no matter which way you say it.

  16. I'm back amongst the living, Er, blogging, finally, only to come here and fall over your stumblings into the new year.

    Ah well, we'll get used to it. Eventually.

    Happy New Year, Fran.

  17. And what the feck do we call this decade? I spent some time worrying about that last you're not alone.

  18. You begin to make my Two Oh One Two Oh One One look easy! LOL :)

  19. something to do with two thousand orders of Naan and unleven bread then after a few beers ?
    Whatever !!! Happy New Year

  20. Happy Newy Ear!

    Anna May x


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