Reasons why one should do useful things with a free evening and not just let the mind wander ...

Don't ask me why I suddenly thought of this (the strangest things happen inside this head of mine), but I was just thinking, if I ever became a famous singer and then died on stage, what would be the WORST song to be midway through at the time?......

A moment like this
Achy Breaky Heart
Against all Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
Angel of the Morning
At Last
Bright eyes
Bury me Deep Inside Your Heart
Bye Bye Love
Can't You Hear my Heartbeat?
Everything I do, I do it For You
Forever and always
Heaven Must be Missing an Angel
I left my Heart in San Francisco
I will survive
I'll stand by you
Killing me softly
My heart will go on
My Way
Nobody Does it Better
Out of Reach
PS I Love You
Perfect Day
Poetry in Motion
Quit Playing Games with my Heart
Save the Best Till Last
Someone to Watch Over Me
Take My Breath Away
Take the Keys to my Heart
The Show Must Go On
Unbreak my heart
Up Where we Belong
We've only Just Begun
When I'm Sixty-Four
Who Wants to Live Forever
Will you Still Love me Tomorrow
Wind Beneath my Wings
Wrong Road Again
You don't Bring Me Flowers

Fran's followers could think of many metaphors to describe her mind, but one particular one dominated ...


  1. :-) Love your posts, they always make me smile.

  2. Jump by Van Halen 'cos that would be, like, really funny.

  3. Or "My Heart Stood Still"?

  4. Eliza - thanks!

    Steve/Isabelle - yay! People are playing my game! Both very funny choices.

  5. I guess the most appropriate song might be 'Halfway to Paradise'.

  6. Fran's Christmas Compilation, called 'A Tune Before I Go'?

  7. When you’re sad and when you’re lonely and you haven’t got a friend
    Just remember that death is not the end
    And all that you’ve held sacred, falls down and does not mend
    Just remember that death is no the end
    Not the end, not the end
    Just remember that death is not the end

    Dylan's "Death is not the end" (Though I suspect it is actually....)

  8. Fess up...did you google for the song titles? Off the top of my head I don't think I can name 10 without including Happy Birthday and several Christmas carols.

    My mind also wanders. On car trips I scope out the countryside for good places to dump bodies. In the city I look for locations to live just in case I decide to become a streetperson. And they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  9. Blimey, did you really come up with this list on your own?

    Tell those students of yours to poke you in the ribs when you go off into a 'creative daze'. Or maybe not, I am always amused by the things your magpie brain can come up with. (with which your m b up can come., Miss)

  10. LOL - fantastic list - love it!

  11. I've come here via another blog and I love your lists and policy of varied posts. I'm a random blogger myself so enjoy seeing allsorts, especially when they're in lists.

  12. Martin - yes, I approve of your choice. Good one.

    Mise - the CD will be in the shops in a couple of days. I believe Simon Cowell is showing interest. Just watch my career fly.

    Vintage - it would be especially awkward if you died just before you got to say 'end'. 'Death is not the ....' Oops.

    Nana - of COURSE I google. I just googled 'famous song titles' and then I cherrypick the ones I want. S'easy.

    Japanese Student - that's mighty cruel, that one! And you complain about my baby posts?....

    Friko - see my reply to Nana's similar query! And you ending your sentences with prepositions is a situation up with which I will not put, to steal a famous line from someone I can't remember the name of I mean whose name I can't remember. Whoops.

    Kate - Lists are cool.

    Projectforty- you are very welcome and thanks for coming along. Yes, I think 'random' is very much how you would describe what goes on here. I will come and check you out too.

  13. How about 'Goodness Gracious Me' (as sung by Peter Sellars and Sohphia Loren), particularly the refrain: "my heart goes boom boodi boom..."
    Okay, so I tried!

  14. How about 'Clingons on the starboard bow'?

    You make me laugh Fran... you are a fruitloop!

  15. Stairway to Heaven; Heaven, I'm in Heaven...; Where is the Life that Late I Led?

    No, no, I have things to do. Christmas cards to write, for example.

    You are indeed a fruitloop, Fran.

  16. The Bird-die Song ?

    Anna May x

  17. I can't think of any to add to that brilliant list. I particularly like 'Who Wants To Live Forever?"


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