Reasons to be a proud mummy

I've accused my kids of many crimes over the years, especially the two eldest.  Sometimes they didn't eat my dinners.  They said, 'That's just not funny, Mum' about thirty times a day.  They told me my outfits belonged to the medieval era.

But now they have their own record label and have released a single by a guy with a great voice and a folksy kind of thing going on.  He's written a song called 'The Divide' and it's just reached No 1 in the Amazon 'Hot New Releases in Folksy Kinds of Things Going on' charts.  Here's a link to my kiddiwinks' website for a sneak preview.  And if you like it, follow their link to download.  I think it's a great song.  And that's not just because they're my kids.  After all, there WERE those comments about the clothes ....


  1. You're still prepared to pimp them even after all those insults about your sense of style? You must really love them.

  2. Gosh, the kids done good! It is all down to the quality of embarrassment we gift to our children in their formative years: drives them to enterprise...honestly it does!

  3. That's terrific. You have every reason to be very proud.


  4. Kids hve to be embmarrassed by their parents, just as they have to hate sprouts. And parents have to be proud; that's their job. Very well done, all of you!

  5. Yay! Bravo all round. I am sure they are as proud of you as you are of them.

    Anna :o]

  6. I'm very miffed that he managed to get famous before me. Now, in the true sibling rivalry tradition, I have to catch up.

    In a couple of years you'll be reporting my ascent into and unbelievable success in the Japanese music and television industry. Just wait. :D

  7. Did your son inherit his beautiful voice from his mum?

  8. Steve - to be honest, they were probably right about the clothes ...

    hausfrau - okay, then, I will, seeing as you say I can.

    Charlotte - ah, well, if it's about how much we embarrassed them, they're going to do VERY well.

    Suzanne - thanks. I am. They are talented kids.

    Frances - you're right. Those things are just givens, really, aren't they?

    Hypercryptical - hmmmm. Not sure ....

    Japanese Student - get yourself a youtube channel and make yourself famous. You sing like a dream.

    fishducky - actually, he's the director of the company and the music-maker, but the guy singing is Adam Perkins. And I wish I did have a beautiful voice.

  9. You've got every reason to glow with pride , and so have they . Congratulations !
    (I've heard your voice and know you'd sing brilliantly ... not that I'd tell you this . I'm still affronted because , since you were born in 19_ _ , you're far nearer Smitonius' age than mine .)

  10. Don't worry Anna aka Japanese Student, he's hardly famous yet... And thanks Mum :) although I can't believe you're advising on youtube channels - wasn't that long ago we didn't even have a TV! x (PS Anna something tells me you'd get more visitors to a youtube page than Chris - he's hardly the prettier one, is he...)

  11. Oh, and PS Fran (e.g. Mum) DOES have a good voice she's just being silly. We didn't all grow up being able to sing by magic. And although the Brother sounds like Dad, me and Japanese Student certainly don't!


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