Evidence that Fran would rather start a new blog than mark the rest of a pile of essays

Hey, for those of you who like to write, I've started a new blog on which I'll share writing tips, hints, exercises and the like, mixed in with the usual selection of (what I call) humour.

What inspired me to start the blog was finding a heap of papers and files, all to do with my years of English teaching and running creative writing classes, as well as all the notes from previous writing classes I used to attend years ago. What to do with all these?

Paper a room?
Make a whole fleet of paper aeroplanes?
Send them to recycling and take up an entire landfill site with metaphors and character descriptions?

Ergo - the new blog.  It's here. Write with Fran

Come and take a look. And let any writing friends know. They're welcome aboard.


  1. I tried to follow the new blog. Got a message that something is wrong and I should try again later. Story of my life.


  2. A new blog? With writing tips? I'll be right over!


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