Evidence that Fran's front room has seen some excitement

So, my book 'Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean' is born into the world, and I thought some of you might be interested to see the book launch, which happened from my front room and was beamed out to the world via Facebook Live.

Writers are having to do things differently in these days of lockdown!

It's an hour of entertainment with games, jokes, clips from the book, Q & A, and a time lag that meant I saw comments 10 minutes after they'd been made, which added to the sense of the surreal.

And, when I say the book is 'born', I actually mean that, and it happens on camera.

Enjoy! You could fetch yourself Prosecco and cake as my live viewers did.



  1. I started to watch, but then saw it was almost an hour long. I'm glad it all went so well for you.

    1. Thanks, River! You can always come back when you have more time.

  2. I was gripped!! I will now watch it again

  3. I caught the last half live, on the night of your launch, and then watched the first half just now - it was a lot of fun; your signs cracked me up as did your platypus haiku :) Thank you for reading out my haiku; I felt very special. I hope you have loads of sales, Fran. When I get rich, I'll be buying one. Right now it can't happen, but I promise - when I get rich (or at least less poor - hah)


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