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Reasons why Fran may soon be forced to live outside

Let's have a conversation about clutter because, please, tell me, it's not just our house .... Surely other people, too, stand back when opening cupboards in case of avalanches. Surely others open drawers then ram them shut again, pretending they never looked. Surely others smugly tell friends they have planned a whole day of de-cluttering only to open one wardrobe door, lose heart within 3.5 seconds at the sight of enough unwanted cloth to dress the whole wide world, shut the door again, and make a Victoria Sponge instead. How does it happen? Only two of us live in this house. How can two middle-aged people, with no children living at home, still be in danger of being edged out of the living room, down the hall and out of the front door into the street by a invading force of inanimate objects? Let's talk about linen. I could talk about crockery, or stationery, or unused window blinds, or spare lamps, or books, or books, or books, but I'll talk about linen.