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Evidence that overflowing Tupperware cupboards aren't the only problem later life brings

Ben Cottam (@TheCottam) posted this statement on Twitter today: 'When you're growing up, no one ever tells you how much of your adult life will be spent pushing tumbling Tupperware into cupboards.' I know, right? Why does no one say? And what else does no one tell you about adult life, particularly later adult life? I have made a list.  1. That one day you will say, 'They'll freeze, dressed like that,' and 'Let's go home. It's nearly 10pm,' and think nothing of it. 2. That a summer will come when you will start the days dressed in cardigan and socks and only take them off when it's warm enough to leave the kitchen door open. 3. That police officers, teachers and nurses, rather than getting older, get younger, birthday by birthday, and that one day you will be burgled and then visited by a seven year old with a notebook and a helmet. 4. That the music in pubs and clubs becomes louder, brasher and more sweary, year on year, so that

Evidence that Fran is wrestling with some big questions

Have you heard of Klondyke Kate? She's a female wrestler (real name Jayne Porter) whose career began in the 1970s when she was only 14. Here she is in action. (She's the one using the other woman as a seat.) Her final fight in 2011 was against another female wrestler, her daughter, Connie Steele! Connie still fights today.  Here's Connie, not in action, unless she has her foot on the face of an opponent but that wasn't included in the shot.   Why am I mentioning Klondyke Kate today?  No, I'm not thinking of a career change.  No, I would NOT look good in a sparkly leotard. Imagine! Not even WITH the lights low, thank you. No, the reason she's on my mind is that I often use a 1992 newspaper article about Klondyke Kate with my English students. It's a great example of a 'profile piece' and helps them with description skills. I read it with a student this morning in our Zoom lesson.  The article in question, by Liza C