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Evidence that Fran's bus - and joy - have been tooken away

They've taken away my bus. Or, as my 5 year old granddaughter might put it, 'They've tooken away my bus.' I'll get back to the bus in a moment. You've got to love junior grammar. It's not until they're about 7 or 8 that they've fully grasped irregular verb endings. So, she's still saying things like 'I talkid to the man' or 'I rided my bike and wented to the park where I eated my icecream.' Who can blame her? It's an unjust world of irregular verbs. You emerge from the womb. You learn the verb 'to eat'. You hear someone say, 'I wouldn't have minded. You think, 'Hey, so, mind becomes minded in the past tense. This means that, on the end of verbs, if you want the past tense, you use -ed. I'm going to have a go. Hey, Ma. I eated my dinner.' 'No, dear. It's not eated. It's ate.' You WHAT? Okay, try this one, Ma. I heard someone say they walked in the garden. So, sometimes t