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Reasons why marriage preparation classes need a radical overhaul

They say that opposites attract and, after 39 years of marriage, I'd suggest this theory is best tested by going to a supermarket together with a long list.  It could even substitute for marriage preparation classes. It would teach a young couple so much more about their different approaches to life than mere theories ... Our conversations go something like this when we're in Tesco:  Him: We need to buy teabags.  Me: Okay, let's get these. I'll put them in the trolley. Done.  Him: Hang on. Me: What? Him: How many teabags in that pack?  Me: 240. Can we go now?  Him: For how much?  Me: How would I know? Let's just buy them. It's what we need. Him: You look at the price tab, here. It says £3.49. That's steep.  Me: Is it? Him: These ones here are only £2.99. Me: But we don't usually buy that make. I'm bored now. Can we move on to crisps?  Him: I swear that tea's gone up. Me: Ah well. We're not exactly destitute. It's a few pence.  Him: It all