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things not to admit to anyone

I'm walking to school when a Midland Stagecoach blue bus comes past. In the back, two teenagers, one girl and one boy. Suddenly, they start waving at me. They look pleased, no, delighted to see me. They wave frantically - the kind of wave that says, 'quick, quick, wave back, before we move on'. Do I know them? Do I heck. But ... but ... surely I must. They look so glad that they've spotted me walking to work and had the opportunity to wave. They look as though we've had tea together, been for walks in the park together, phoned regularly. So, hey, I've only just moved into the area and know no one except close family who would wave to me on the bus. What does that matter when two teenagers have obviously recognised me and are very upset that I might not wave before the bus moves away? So I wave. Not just a little 'I'm not sure if I recognise you, but I'll wave anyway' wave, but a 'Hi, hi, so great to see you, so here's a really enthusias