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Reasons why Fran misses her local post box

The post box on the corner of my street has been out of use for months. It's encased in black and yellow sticky tape that makes it look like a crime scene. This may well be the case. Perhaps some bored youth popped a lit match in there as his contribution to the wellbeing of his local community. Whatever the reason, the Royal Mail seem to have decided not to reinstate it and that means that if I want to post a letter or small parcel, I can't just shuffle down our small street in my slippers without my upper lip plucked. I have to don shoes, a jacket and some pretence of respectability for the ten-minute trek up the hill to the local shopping arcade where the next nearest post box is. My efforts are nothing compared to those my gran would have gone to. Her corner shop was only a few doors down yet she still applied perfect lipstick, her best coat and a fresh headscarf merely to fetch a tub of Blue Band margarine or a tin of peaches.   'Gran,' we'd say. 'It's

Reasons Why Fran's bookshelf is suddenly stacked with nature books and poetry

Before you click 'Join' for an online conference call or meeting, in which you show off your bookshelf behind you, which 10 books should you remove?  Haemorrhoid Hell: When You're Not Sitting Comfortably  Sex Without Socks On: The Ultimate Guide to Middle-aged Intimacy  Joyce's Ulysses : The Facts You Need to Fool your Friends  Rock-Solid Excuses for Parties, Weddings and Baby Showers How to Re-Gift Christmas presents by the 27th Warts and All: Advice about Ugly Growths in Awkward Places Unfollowing and Muting: Social Media Without Fear Kitchen Trickery: Making Waitrose-made-it Look Like You-made-it When Will They Bloody Leave? - 10 tips for getting dinner guests out of your hall and, of course, finally - The Pandemic Bookshelf - Because They Will Be Looking