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Evidence that someone was prepared to allow Fran on a stage

It's World Poetry Day today or, as it's presented on Twitter, #WorldPoetryDay. I never know whether these things are official. Every day is a special day on Twitter. Who's made the decisions? WorldPoetryDay sounds like one of the more significant ones, but #WorldSproutDay, #WorldTreasuryTagDay and #WorldEyelashDay won't be far behind. To celebrate #WorldPoetryDay, here's a video of me performing my poem 'Pickle Aisle Bride' at a comedy club night. It's deep, meaningful and profound. That last sentence was a lie.  Do feel free to groan, along with the audience, at the puns. It's all part of the fun. While you watch this, I'll get busy thinking about what I'll post on #WorldSproutDay.

Reasons why Fran was glad to wake up this morning

This was last night's dream. Any psychoanalysts out there, please feel free to advise me .... I'm invited to help serve ice cream and ice lollies at a school fair. I'm not sure why. I am hustled to my duty by a woman keen to be elsewhere. She disappears, leaving me to fend for myself in my new role. The following things go wrong. The ice creams and ice lollies are not refrigerated, but laid out in the open air. The day is fortunately cloudy and cool. So far. I am the only one serving. This would be fine, but ..... .... there's not just one stall with the ice cream and lollies. There are five long trestle-type tables, the type you paste wallpaper on. So, when I serve from the furthest table, I can barely see to the other end of my 'shop'. It stretches into the distance like a mirage. Thus, it takes some time, when I spot customers at the far end, to reach them. By that time, other customers have gathered at the opposite end and are waiting, calling f

Reasons why Fran needs the snow to melt

I've been leaping around the living room for the last ten minutes trying to copy the moves of Billy Elliott and the character Julie Walters plays as they dance to 'I Love to Boogie' in the film. Hang on. I'll just get my breath back ... Sorry about the wait. If you haven't seen the Billy Elliot film, that scene alone makes it worth a watch. Here's the Youtube clip. Why not boogie along? Luckily, our living room is not overlooked by any other houses. I would hate to feature on Instagram or Facebook with the caption, 'Watch my neighbour dancing like a dream having a seizure.' Still, it got the old bones shaking about and reminded my joints that they're meant to help my limbs flex. It's about time I moved my body. It's been so snowy and icy for the last week, I haven't done any of my normal walking routines and what with staying indoors, near the fridge, I suspect the scales will tell