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am I the new Harry Potter?

I woke up three days ago with a red mark on the inside of my wrist. It looks exactly like the red mark on Harry Potter's forehead. Well, not exactly. It isn't shaped like a Z, it is on my wrist and not my forehead, and it is gradually fading. Still, it is something, and perhaps the sign that I have some special powers other than being able to juggle with one hand and eat a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes in ten minutes. (I don't mean simultaneously, although it would certainly slow down the Jaffa consumption rate if I tried.) I have no idea what has caused this mark. I could have burned myself on the oven rack when I cooked Sunday's roast pork, but I don't remember doing so. In itself, this could be a sign that I have special powers, if I burned myself and didn't know it. Not that having this as a special power is going to be of any use unless I apply it in public, leap into a fire and charge money, because burning yourself on your own oven rack, even if you don'

new beginnings

It's all about new beginnings at the moment. I have a new job, a new house, new surroundings, new neighbours. The only thing that isn't new is that I still need to sleep for approximately half an hour in the afternoons. This does cause problems when it's during Period 6 in term-time, but when I'm on my hols, as now, it's okay. I justify my nap to any family around as 'listening to my Ipod'. What actually happens is that I listen for 36 seconds before falling asleep. Today, I selected a documentary I'd downloaded about time and the way we perceive it. It began with the slow ticking of a clock and a woman saying the word 'time'. This is the point at which I sank into a deep sleep. I woke up to the closing credits ... 'That was a documentary made by Wide Awake Productions'.