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Reasons why Fran will be kept busy and off the streets for the foreseeable

I have something to share with you. No, it's not cake, so you can put your hopeful face away ;) No, it's not biscuits. No, it's not cheesecake. No, it's not sherry trifle. No, it's not a bag of chips. It's NOT food. Honestly, does no one feed you lot? Keep thinking .... No, it's NOT a lottery win. More's the pity. No, it's not a wise thought. I mean, since when ....? No, what I have to share is a bit of recent news. As you know, I am a very modest, self-effacing individual, so I will say it quietly .... I am going to be a Proper Published Author!!  Yes, it's true. Someone has actually agreed to take something I've written and turn it into a Thing One Can Put on a Shelf. (After reading it, of course.) As you know, this will be my second book. The first one, 'Being Miss', I published myself on Kindle and in paperback. If you've read it, I hope you enjoyed it :) So, the details ab

Reasons why the old should not be kept apart from the young

Have you seen the recent TV programmes and news items about young children being taken into care homes to cheer up the residents? What a fabulous idea. I wish my gran had had the benefit of this before she died last year. She loved the regular visits of the therapy dogs - great slobbery Labradors she loved to stroke and pat. She'd have relished visits from singing toddlers. On the couple of occasions I took in my grandchildren to see her, she grinned from ear to ear, round her head, and back again.  I wrote a poem about it.  Care Most stretched afternoons we are sat (don’t judge my grammar erroneous because I mean someone sits us) in front of Flog It, Homes under the Hammer, and, particularly cruel for those of us with months, not years, Countdown. Tepid tea is served from a trolley forgotten in a corridor while Elsie Brown is rescued, trembling, from the lift. A woman with a headmistress bark speeds us through Bingo and crosswords as though afra