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Evidence that those who send me junk mail should do their research

An envelope dropped through the letterbox this week.  Here it is. In case you can't see it, the writing says, ' Important Information About Your Conservatory '.  1. We don't have a conservatory. 2. If the advertisers had peeked round the back of the house at our tiny garden, they'd have noticed that, had we added a conservatory, the lawn and the shed would have been inside it.     3. Within the envelope was information about how to maintain the conservatory we don't have. I must say, our conservatory maintenance costs are pretty manageable.  4. Also, there was information about how to buy a conservatory in case we don't have one. So, they lied.  5. There are inappropriate capitals on the message and if they knew anything about me they'd know that this would be enough to stop me buying their conservatories.  6. The writing is squeezed into the right hand corner. Do they think I will re-use this envelope for a handmade card? -  To my darling, sweet husband