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Reasons why Fran can now forgive the ironing board incident

It's nearly a month since Christmas and I still have my pile of books and notebooks from friends and family on a chair by the sofa. I can't bring myself to put them all away. There's no reason why I should. No one's dared to move the pile so that they can sit   sat on the chair for a while anyway.  But these are lovely presents: novels, books of poetry, books about poetry, delicious notebooks .... what's not to like? I haven't always received such pleasing gifts.  I was married in April 1982. At the end of that month, I turned 20. Yes, a young bride, and one who wasn't so delighted with her birthday present from her new husband.  'I've bought you an ironing board cover, too,' he said, looking pleased. 'It's the right size. I've checked.'  And indeed he had. It was prettier than the plain blue one on this picture: flowery and cheerful.  He had tried.  Nevertheless, we had words. I was compassionate, don't worry. I was his first