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Evidence that Fran is still around

What? She still exists? Where has she been, then? On a bus all this time? Those of you kind enough to care may have noticed that my last post on this blog was August 2022. I was busy editing my new novel 'Cuckoo in the Nest' and things drifted in terms of regular blogging. Before I knew it, I had cancelled myself.  But ... RESURRECTION! I have re-appeared on Substack which allows people to blog but also has lots of other features akin to social media only less toxic (so far).  If you'd like to keep receiving the same kind of material I was posting regularly on here, please do come along and subscribe.  Go  right here right now before you forget  to subscribe for free via email.  In the meantime, my archive of Blogger posts is still here and will remain for eternity if the rumours are true about the internet. So, you have plenty of time to catch up should you wish.  Otherwise, see you on Substack!