Reasons Why Fran's bookshelf is suddenly stacked with nature books and poetry

Before you click 'Join' for an online conference call or meeting, in which you show off your bookshelf behind you, which 10 books should you remove? 

Haemorrhoid Hell: When You're Not Sitting Comfortably 

Sex Without Socks On: The Ultimate Guide to Middle-aged Intimacy 

Joyce's Ulysses: The Facts You Need to Fool your Friends 

Rock-Solid Excuses for Parties, Weddings and Baby Showers

How to Re-Gift Christmas presents by the 27th

Warts and All: Advice about Ugly Growths in Awkward Places

Unfollowing and Muting: Social Media Without Fear

Kitchen Trickery: Making Waitrose-made-it Look Like You-made-it

When Will They Bloody Leave? - 10 tips for getting dinner guests out of your hall

and, of course, finally -

The Pandemic Bookshelf - Because They Will Be Looking   



  1. There's not a single thing I'd move from my bookshelf. It's all fiction and I can easily claim they belong to my children/grandchildren and I only have them while they sort out the rest of their books.

    1. That's so true - I could just say I'm looking after them for someone else!

  2. This has made me chortle aloud at the start of a challenging day. My favourite is Number 2. Thank you x

  3. I love this! I'm all right. I've got John Donne, the Oxford Book of Carols, bibles, musical scores, and books from university days which I can't bear to get rid of, all with cracked spines which can't be read anyway. And all my Dan Brown books are on another shelf in another part of the house Not to be on view when I'm trying to impress an audience of literary snobs. Those other volumes you mention... hidden well away.

    1. All very impressive! I do think you should just slot one Dan Brown book in amongst the Bibles and see who spots it!


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