trying to park when I don't have a car

Just in case you didn't believe anything I said yesterday about my difficulties with technology, I have to tell you that last night I nearly bought a parking ticket instead of a 'Permit to Travel'. I had approached the machine, located the slot and hovered my 50p over it when I read the instruction 'After purchasing your ticket, stick it to your windscreen'.

Windscreen? I was going on a train. Honestly, I thought. I wish they would advertise this kind of change to procedure in the press or something before springing it on the general public.

Then I realised.

It may surprise you, because it does me, to learn that every day I manage to get up, wash, clean my teeth, walk to school, teach English for six hours, and plan the next day's lessons before going home again.

Having said this, I have, before now, got up late because I don't understand the am/pm distinction on my mobile, failed to work the shower because someone else changed the settings, cleaned my teeth with a brush used to scrub the grouting, got lost going to school even after three years of doing the same walk, had to change lesson plans because of failure to work the whiteboard/blackboard/video/DVD/board pen, planned a Thursday when the next day was Wednesday, and got on a bus home that went in the wrong direction.

My sister's response to the parking vs permit mistake? "Trust you." And then she laffed and laffed.

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