evidence that I should get out a little more

What does my Favourites list of websites say about me? Here is a selection:

1. Be Inspired writing competition
2. How to Cover Upholstered Dining Chairs
3. Reinstalling the Microsoft Windows Installer
4. List of Estate Agents in Warwickshire
5. BBC iPlayer
6. Age Concern - Guidance on Incontinence

I hasten to add that the last entry is research I'm doing on behalf of an elderly relative, otherwise I can see you making connections between that one and the need to re-cover my dining chairs. The BBC iPlayer is for when I've no inspiration at all for entering the Be Inspired writing competition. And the list of estate agents is because Microsoft Windows isn't the only thing round here that needs re-installing; we're having to move because of a useless landlord.

Re-jigged, the list could be even more interesting and could be the listing for a very interesting selection of programmes for me to watch on iPlayer:

1. Be Inspired by Incontinence - an octogenarian wins the Booker Prize for her autobiographical account of a life in a wet chair
2. How to Cover Estate Agents - advice for relatives of corrupt housing industry workers who need an alibi
Reinstalling Upholstered Warwickshire - a reality show in which twelve arty families meet the challenge to cover the Midlands in decorative padding and when it goes wrong, have to find a way of putting it back to rights
3. Incontinence Installer - a horror movie about a bladder surgeon who gets the sack because of cuts in the NHS and exacts revenge on his ex-bosses by inserting weak urethral tracts into their abdomens in the dark hours of the night
4. Inspired Dining Chairs - a kind of 'Toy Story' crossed with 'Changing Rooms' about furniture which comes to life in the night and then enters writing competitions
5. Iplayer Concerned Estate Agent - and someone else plays a much less concerned house owner who has just undergone repossession and who doesn't care how concerned the estate agent is so murders him by feeding him through his own letterbox

Now my Favourites list looks a lot more interesting ...


  1. This made me laugh so much! Mum, you're really funny.

  2. Ah, thank you, Hillel. After so many years of being told the exact opposite by you, this warmed the cockles of my little mummy heart.


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