more on bus drivers, with a removal man thrown in for good measure

Back to Warwickshire bus drivers. Got to the bus stop today, and the driver - small, round, about fifty, balding, Cornish-pastie with a pickled onion and pint of Guinness type - was just tapping into his mobile phone. "Be with you in a minute, love," he said, "when I get myself off Facebook".


Now I'm even wondering whether I'm right about the Cornish-pastie. Perhaps I've got him all wrong and he's a rocket-and-anchovy-salad-with-a-coriander-dressing-and-glass-of-Sauvignon type.

The world's gone mad.

It reminded me of the lad who helped us move in to this house a couple of months back. He comes in - tall, thin, nylon tracksuit, Nike cap, the words 'I-like-looking-tough' tattooed down his left arm and the words 'I-like-frightening-people' carved into his army-short hair - and he happens to see Husband's 'Learn Japanese' book in one of the boxes. 'Oh,' he says, 'who's learning Kanji, then?' He and Husband then have a nice intellectual chat about the different Japanese alphabets while I stand there, inadequate and Japanese-challenged.

I do wish, once I've stereotyped people, they would stay where I put them. Most disconcerting.


  1. So true! People can be quite inconsiderate. They refuse to fit my stereotypes - so I refuse to fit theirs in return. I look meek, mild and conservative, and I love to surprise people with a wry, out-of-the-blue remark. They often don't quite know how to take me.

  2. We're so similar, Lesley. I look wry and out-of-the-blue most of the time, and I really surprise people when I come out with meek, mild and conservative comments. We must meet.

  3. hahaha - I would love to meet some time! If you are ever headed to Dallas, do let me know. I recently renewed my passport, so I just might venture out of the country some day.

  4. Anonymous11/2/09 14:08


    the start sounds rather like dad

    coinsidence? *hmmmm


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