reasons not to browse 'Profiles'

I browsed 'Profiles' - you know, where you click on your listed interests to see if there's anyone else who likes the same things as you.

I am the only person in the whole wide world who has "an interest in dancing in living room to R & B divas CDs".

I don't know if this makes me feel unique and special, or just ... or just ...


  1. Anonymous16/2/09 11:19

    No worries. Both unique and special! I do it in the kitchen to R and B or almost anything with a beat, really! :-) Just didn't think to tell anyone. As a writer, you might like my creative writing comp at You could even win a signed book....!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lucy. That has to be the LONGEST web link address ever! But I will definitely look up your competition. Always looking for opportunities ...

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dancing in your living room to whatever music you want. I have learned that at my age it's no longer safe to try to sing and dance in the shower, sing... yes, move around with slippery feet in a sexy love diva style way - nope. Enjoyed your blog entries!

  4. Thank you, Jola. I will keep dancing ... perhaps with the curtains closed. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Keep reading!

  5. Oh, but you knew everyone does that, and would just have to leave a comment to tell you. But it's nice to talk to people with different interests too. Like-minds get boring: 'oh, I couldn't agree more'; 'yes, my thoughts exactly'; 'you got that right'; 'yup'.

  6. Fran: At least you can be assured of having the dance floor, I mean the living room, to yourself; the risk of collisions and casualties is greatly reduced.

  7. Stan, you should see the size of our living room ...


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