Reasons to stick with John Grisham

So, if you can have 'chick lit' meaning literature for young single women, can you have ....

not such a spring chick lit? - stories for the post-menopausal woman?

chic lit - stories for the fashionable woman?

cheek lit - stories for women obsessed with the way their bottoms look?

cheque lit - stories for women with a shopping addiction?

choc-lit - stories for women who love confectionery?

chip lit - stories for women who love French Fries/gambling/electronic products (or all three, in which case triple-chip-lit?)

click lit - stories for women with obsessions about turning lights on and off?

crick lit - stories for women who often wake up in the mornings having slept in the wrong position on the pillow?

clique lit - stories for women who tend to hang around with the same crowd?

check lit - stories for women with OCD?

badly lit - stories for women which are set in dark places?

veg lit? - stories for the non-meat eating young single woman who'd rather not be associated with carnivorous products? Okay, it doesn't have the same phonological ring about it, but hey, principles are principles.


  1. So I take it you are on holiday?

    I ordered The Handmaid's Tale just now. Looking forward to my first taste of dystopianism.

  2. How DO you come up with this stuff?

    Funny, funny.

  3. Lesley, I hope you love The Handmaid's Tale. Just watched the film version last night, though, and it's not even a quarter as good as the book, so don't bother with that. Let me know what you think of the book. I am gradually reading my way through all of Atwood's works. I think she's fab.

  4. Amanda, it all comes from a brain which prefers trivia to serious work. So, put it this way, I don't read much philosophy or Proust.


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