Seven non-interesting things about me

hillbillyduhn says I have to find seven interesting things to say about myself. Then I have to recommend seven of my favourite bloggers to you. So, here goes.

Hold on there. You probably have time to go and eat out, while I'm thinking of the interesting things.

Okay, here goes.

Nope. Damn, I had something there. Then it went straight out of my head.

I'll be right back. Go and have coffee and cake.

Right, here we go. Number One.

Aw, shucks. For a minute there, I thought ....

No, hang on, hang on, something's coming. It's faint, it's tenuous, but it's there ....

Boy, this is hard. A fly flew past my face and, bang, all concentration gone.

I'll just go and ask the Husband.

Hi, I'm back. Nope, he can't think of a thing either. I'll call my kids.

Sigh. Not a bean. They said they'd all have a good think and ring me back, but I've waited an hour now and the phone is uncomfortably silent.

I know. I'm just going to have to say NON-interesting things. I can think of seven of those, no problem. Sorry and all that, about not playing the game properly, but I even asked the fly, who just buzzed past me again, and he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head and couldn't think of anything. He said he could think of seven interesting things about himself, but not about me.

So, here I go. Seven non-interesting things about me. And then I'll recommend some interesting blogs to relieve your suffering.

1. The first word I learned to spell was 'soliloquy'. I wrote it on the board at school and got lots of praise from the teacher, and from then on was very unpopular with the rest of the class as I was only 8, and smug as a rat on a fresh corpse.

2. I keep a to-do list on coloured paper so that I can see the edge of it poking out of my school diary and can whip it out to write things on so that I don't forget them. If I lost my coloured list, I would be found wandering the corridors mumbling incoherently, as it is really my brain transferred onto paper.

3. My favourite birthday card is one I bought myself and made my colleagues at work sign because I wanted them to have a birthday club and they wouldn't because they were all men. I wrote in it, 'To our favourite colleague' and made them write their names before they could have any cake.

4. I don't know how to work keys in doors. I get locked out of anyone's home in which I am staying and have to call them for a tutorial.

5. I look terrible in yellow, as if I need an ambulance.

6. Nine times out of ten, if I give people directions on the street, I have to hide behind a bush when they come back the other way, having found out that my directions were incorrect.

7. I once crocheted half a cushion cover in 1978 and it wasn't until 2001 that an old lady finished it off for me so I could use it. Crocheting the half cushion cover took me a year of Wednesday afternoon classes at college. The old lady took it on the Friday and gave it back on the Saturday.

Right, here are some interesting people. I'll fess up now. One of them is my kid. It's not the one who writes about retirement, before anyone cracks that joke.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Fran! I'm sure the fly was thinking: "Seven? Only seven? I could go on and on."

  2. I have the same problem with keys and doors. It's a terrible phobia of mine now. I've had some horrible experiences which I would rather forget.

    Thank you for including me on your list, although someday I would just love to be one the seven sexiest.....

    Not going to happen.

  3. Lesley, you obviously have the same kind of superior flies around your house as I do. So annoying to be made to feel inferior by something that buzzes and butts its head against windows not realising they are there.

  4. Amanda, you never know. Keep the dream alive. One day it will happen. But maybe on a different kind of blog ...

  5. What a surprise!! Thanks SO much for the shout out about my blog by putting me on your list.
    I am (blushingly) flattered!
    I LOVE your blog and you crack me up every day!!!!

  6. Well I don't feel so bad not being on your seven interesting people list; I have a feeling your seven non-interesting people list is the one to aim for. But anyway, "smug as a rat on a fresh corpse" - that's some hot writing!

  7. Hey, hey, Mark, enough of that false modesty! You know I rate your blog and the quality of your writing ... in fact, your eclecticism scares me to death. Yes, I rather liked my simile, too. They're like the Queen's dresses, though - you can't really keep rolling them out in public even though you like them. So I'll have to think of some new ones!

  8. Anonymous21/7/09 12:13

    OI! what about mine?!!! :o)

  9. Spider, if you start writing regularly, you'll get a mention ....

  10. Please don't be afraid of me Fran. I had to look up "enjambment" after your last comment.

  11. Mark - hah, we're quits!

  12. Hello Fran, and thank you very much for mentioning me. I've not been online much recently due to life getting in the way at work and home - so apologies for not saying thank you sooner.

    Your facts were extremely interesting, as your blog always is.

    I haven't read the L-Shaped Room since my student days - wonder if I've still got it stashed in the loft somewhere? The David Lodge book is on my Amazon wish list, good to know it's recommended.

    Best wishes


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