Why I don't mind, just once, a misspelling of Creative

Thank you to pippa for my Kreativ (I am saying NOTHING) Blogger Award. And thank you, too, Pippa, for advising me how to get it on my blog without you sending it round in a taxi.

Now I have to nominate seven others to receive the same misspelling (whoops, I said it). I can't guarantee that these are the same people I did/did not nominate last time I was asked to play this game. Don't shoot me. And also don't shoot me if you don't like getting awards. It's totally up to you whether to send it to anyone else. And this list is very much a mixture: languagey blogs I love because they talk about apostrophes and stuff, funny blogs I love because they make me laugh, a new blog I've discovered and really like because she likes all the books I like, and one very clever blogger who posts all kinds of intellectual arty stuff I can't fathom and then some fab creative writing - more please, you know who you are.

Have fun working out which is which. I hope you find something you like.








Now, according to the rules, I have to tell you 7 things about me. So here are 7 things that are on my desk right in front of me:

1. a box of address labels - Husband makes jam and puts them on the jam jars. Then he writes in very scrawly, tiny script, 'Gooseberry jam' so then I have to put another one over the top and write, 'Gooseberry jam'. Eventually, we get there.

2. An orange highlighter which I used to highlight some important quotations on a handout about Virginia Woolf for my students. Then I photocopied it, and realised that the highlighter came out as black stripes. All the important quotes were blanked out.

3. Brainy Bear. Brainy Bear is a bear (let's get the obvious stuff over with first, eh?) and he is dressed in the graduation gown and cap I should have worn 8 years ago when I got my degree but didn't because I didn't go to my graduation. Actually, he's not wearing the one I should have worn, strictly, because what he has on would only have fitted on my ankle. He has one in his own size. My daughter bought him for me when my family finally realised I meant it about not going to my graduation and dressing up in all that muck. I did a day's temping instead.

4. A coaster to put my coffee cup/wine glass/meths bottle on. I don't usually use it because I like the picture too much, so there are cup/glass/bottle marks on the desk instead. The picture is of a man, only the whole of his middle is missing, so it's just the edge of a man, and the caption says, 'Never eat a hole'.

5. Cup/glass/bottle marks. You know why.

6. A dog pencil sharpener my daughter bought me (yeah, same daughter). Only, where you have to put the pencils seems a little unkind, so I just use him as an ornament and keep all the pencils blunt.

7. A hand-written list of all the bloggers' names I have nominated, because I didn't know how to find them on my bloglist and add them to this post, so I had to look up all the blogs and write them down, then open up this post again, then type them out. Don't say I never show affection.

There are fourteen other items on my desk, but I will keep to the rules and save that fascinating information for another time. I know, I know. You can't bear the suspense.


  1. Anonymous25/8/09 16:55

    You should create a new award, where one of the rules is you have to list 14 things you have on your desk! Actually, I can see you coming up with something rather fantastic (in the absolute sense of the word) in the way of awards. You should do it. Go on. I dare you!

    (I agree with you about the misspelling - I googled to see if it was originally in another language, in which case it would have had an excuse, but there are depressingly lots of hits for it and Google doesn't allow sorting by date! I know, bad, isn't it?)

  2. Thank you my dear! I might actually play by the rules for a change and try to find 7 interesting things about myself. Or - wait - they don't have to be interesting do they? In that case, I'll just ramble as usual.

  3. I LOVE pink! How did you know?

  4. Oh Fran, coming from you this means... well, er, uh, um. A lot?

    Oh, I kid. Thanks! I'm shocked you played along. LOVE the pink, goes well with your blog decor.

    I can see why you love the other blogs.

    Stay tuned over at Brilliant Sulk. I just may have some awards of my own to give out soon. Heh heh heh.

  5. Battypip - I might be able to think up an award. Whether I'd have the techno-acumen to get it to anyone is another matter entirely.

  6. Lesley - no, they don't have to be interesting. See my example.

  7. Amanda - actually pink is my unfavourite colour, but I'm prepared to put up with it if it's on an award ...

  8. Mark - I just knew. Underneath all that impressive writing about art and philosophy and the mysteries of life, there is an underlying message of 'I love pink, I love pink, someone send me something pink'. You just have to know where to look for these things.

  9. Not sure, that I actually like awards all that much, that is I like being nominated but the actual, physical - or should that be virtual ? -arrangement of the thing on my blog is a fiddle. I keep taking them off then putting them back on my blog, the damn things never go where they are meant to go, right at the bottom - I'm not good at this) but thank you for thinking enough of this newcomer to your clever circles to pass it on to me.

    This is an easy one though, it's already there, so all I have to do is add your name to it as donor, see.

    Really, thanks very much, I love your blog and your circle, so you'll be seeing lots more of me.

    You couldn't teach me English as well, could you? Like cutting my waffle in mid flow and sorting it into proper, grammatical, English?

    I'd also appreciate a bit more info about your A-level subjects, you said you are doing Sylvia Plath? She's not one of my favourites but maybe you could change that?

    Oh dear, I can see it now, you're going to rue the day you let me into your blog.

  10. What I like about the award is finding new blogs to follow that my friends have recommended - Pippa, in fact. :)

    Since I'm from across the pond, I shall annoy you with my wrong spelling at times, but don't hold that against me.

  11. Hi, Friko - so glad you like the blog and my blogocircle. You are welcome to drop in on my sixth form class any time and learn to love Plath. She is a little visceral, yes, but I think she has a lot to say about what's underneath all of our polite surfaces. My students are writing an extended essay in which they have to compare Plath's poetry with Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' and another novel of their choice, say, 'Madame Bovary' or 'Middlemarch'. I'm going to enjoy marking these.

  12. Thanks, Fran! For both the award and the blog recs. I'd love to see those Virginia Woolf quotes.

  13. Dad doesn't always write labels on his jam either. We used to have to do the smell test and guess what flavour it was. Hehe

  14. So would, BPE, so would I.

  15. Hillel - that's once we'd scraped the three-inch layer of mould off the top that he swore was completely normal and nothing to worry about.


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