It may strike you that, like others do, I haiku too

Three haiku based on the Creation story.

What happened the morning Adam realised a) it wasn't only forestry he was expected to do in his spare time; b) he really should have read the 'Unexpected Arrivals' section of the training manual; c) the conversational style he had developed with the elephants would not suit all situations

He wakes to find Eve
Thinks this is new ground for him
Fumbles for chat-up line

An incident which happened in the days when the creation/evolution debate hadn't quite got started and no one had quite got the hang of it all

Puzzled monkey says:
"You've come too early, Man.
I am still changing."

God demonstrates some of the very first culinary skills with a very exciting set of ingredients

Hand strokes Earth's raw crust
Reunites a crack with milky fingers
Crimps a mountain range


  1. I thought it would be fitting to comment in Japanese:


  2. The first two are a hoot, and the third one is actually quite touching. Yes, I'm a sap. I don't care.

  3. Amanda - my youngest, who's studying Japanese at university, says your comment was nice! So, thanks. (Always best to check ...)

  4. Thanks, Sharon - glad you liked them.

  5. hey brain box, veeerrryyy good. And funny too.

  6. Thanks, Mark. You've forgiven me, then, for wanting your protagonists killed off by monsters ..

  7. Cheers, Friko. I really rate your rating.

  8. You speak Haiku well.
    Amanda speaks Japanese.
    I stick to English.

    (did I do that right? I had to google haiku to get the rules! haha)

    Yours are much more creative! Good job.

  9. Like your style. And share your fondness for minor sentences.

  10. Lesley, it made me smile to think of you googling how to do haiku just to write a little comment on my blog post. Actually, I liked your haiku very much!

  11. Kitty, your blog is quite a revelation for an old married woman like me. And, yes, I think we share a similar sense of humour. I laughed at your yoga phone call ...


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