Evidence that I can get a link right twice in a row

Hey, you poets, and even you not-poets-but-why-not-have-a-go-darn-its.  Have you seen the Applehouse Poetry Workshop blog?  It's coolio.  You get set a challenge like 'Write a 100-line poem containing no vowels' and 'Write a sonnet shaped like a limerick'

No, not really - I'm only joking - although it sounds a great idea for a blog.

You do get set a challenge, but they're a bit more sensible than that.  I loved the New Year one in which you write a list of things you've never done and then finish with something you have.  You'll see my poem in the comments (I've mentioned it in my 'What I've Just Read' list - go and see why) and there are some fab poems being offered.

Here's the LINK, THE LINK, THE LINK, TO LILY THE PINK, THE PINK, THE PINK ... or, in fact, to the

Applehouse Poetry Workshop Blog

Happy poeming.

(Will this woman ever stop using stupid made-up words, using capital letters, and digressing from the point?)



  1. sounds great fun.
    I can't find the bit in the just read list, but then I always said I am the missing link.
    might try and do a poem, not that I'm willing to expose myself in public.

  2. How long a poem could you write without a vowel Miss?

  3. No...Don't stop doing that.
    Making up new language was good enough for Shakespeare and James Joyce.

  4. Thank you for pointing the way to their blog! It was a nice distraction trying out one of their poetry prompts today (when I was at work and should really have been thinking of something else... oops).

    And I remember that Lily the Pink song... the saviour of the human race as I recall. ;)

  5. Aw, go on, Friko. Post a poem. (The missing link is in the top entry about Gigi which, in the poem, I say I've never read.)

  6. Okay, Lane, I'll carry on, if you say so. Word play keeps me happyfied anyway.

  7. Bellinda - nt vry lng t ll.

  8. Saw your poem, Jayne! Good one! Glad you liked the Applehouse site.

  9. Thanks for the links. I have never been able t write poetry it always sounds rubbish so I am deeply impressed/jealous by anyone with talent!

    Kate xx

  10. Kate, that's the thing. Sometimes these 'frameworks' such as are suggested on the Applehouse site are a way into finding out that you CAN write poetry. Try the 'list of things I haven't done and then one thing I have' structure - just write instinctively rather than trying to be poetic. Take it from Miss - it works.


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