Why I should be more tactful when making fun of names

Yikes!  I've lost a follower, straight after writing my new Valentine poems.  Was it someone called Valentine?  I'm sorry, Val, I'm sorry ..... it's not really a stupid name, honest.

How do I find out who went off me?  Anyone know?


  1. Well it certainly wasn't me.

  2. Oh don't fret. I can't even begin to rattle off the number of followers I've lost.

    All my talk about vaginas and poop...

  3. A couple of weeks ago, I passed the 50 mark in terms of 'followers'. Lovely, I thought, at least 52 people have Square Sunshine on their blog list. Overnight, 51. A day or so later, 50. Hmm, I thought, was it something I said? But no, it's just the nature of blogging. As in life, people come and people go. It's heartening when they stay though.

    Back to 52 again now.......for the moment!

  4. It isn't me! But here's a challenge....you could find out Who by memorising them all, and that - for those of you with many Followers, might be a feat of memory (and ego) too far! But then you are still left wondering Why....

    Just love the Followers you have, and don't fret about the ones who either don't Follow (and lots of regular readers don't) or who drop off. I sometimes have a clear-out when my list of blogs that I Follow gets too long, and only rarely do I stop Following because of something a blogger wrote.

    Isn't it interesting, though, how at first we just blog, albeit for a range of reasons, and then commenters and Followers creep in, and things begin to change, as the concept of a readership develops. Best not to think too much, I reckon, and write for ourselves - not everyone will be hooked, but our authentic voices stand a better chance of coming through that way.

    From a Follower with an authentic ability to drone on endlessly about one topic.....

  5. Alan - I'm very glad about that!

    Amanda - can't please everyone all of the time, I guess. Even with ... topics like those.

    Martin - maybe it's like weighing yourself on the scales - it's best to watch the numbers every month or so than check it every day, then you don't get discouraged by the odd pound/lost follower!

    Rachel - your advice is sound, very sound. I guess I just hate the thought that someone would be offended by anything I said. I'm really quite nice, underneath ...!

  6. Hey Fran, it happens to me all the time; I don't think it's personal.
    Blogs are closed, people like a different read, or they just have too many names in their dashboard column and need to do some weeding.

    I got a bit miffed at first, now I take it in my stride. A lot of followers never comment anyway and those from far off lands, whose language I can't even decipher, much less read, (are very welcome, pleaaaase, if you should read this) but of little practical importance.

    There'll be lots more soon to make up for it.

    I like Rachel's comment; she has it about right. - not the droning, rachel - the attitude towards followers.

    I shall be true to you forever more!

    Did you read my comment on Arvon in reply to yours? Really, if you are thinking of another course, do come! It's a beautiful place.

  7. Hi Friko - I appreciate your view on this - thanks. Yes, I did read your Arvon comment - I've been to the Lumb Bank one several times but not the Devon or Scotland one. And there's one somewhere else, a new one. Not sure where. Anyways (!) the course fees have gone up to about three trillion pounds and I think it's beyond my budget now. But they were great times.

  8. Hey, if they've had the name Valentine their entire life they should at least have a sense of humor about it by now. Grow up, Val, you'll be missing out on some great bus stories!

    PS - My verification word was "plimpered" - see Val? Even the verification words here are funny!

  9. Lesley, I LOVE the word 'plimpered'. What shall we have it mean? 'Gosh, I'm plimpered after that day at work ...' or 'I need to iron my shirts - they're all plimpered' or 'That young lad needs a good plimpering from his parents, if you ask me!' The possibilities!

  10. I lose followers too and unless you start printing out lists and checking them, I don't think there's a way to know. I wouldn't worry about it. They'll come and go. I love your poems.

  11. Thanks, Diane! It's good to know I'm not alone in being deserted once or twice.

  12. Oh gawd, I'm addicted to you now. I'm all alone in my quiet little house on the east coast of France where everybody's got their shutters shut and there's no streetlights and it's all dark and stormy outside and it's just me in my little office with a pool of lamplight on my desk and I am laughing my head off. Right off. True story.

    Trying to be serious for a moment, I took that damn followers gadget off my sidebar because I started thinking it was some kind of Olympic event and I got hungry for GOLD!!!

  13. You're right, Deborah, you're right. But as a teacher I'm used to seeing a little sea of faces wherever I go, and it's kind of lonely otherwise.

  14. Hi Fran
    You have nothing to worry about. I only have two followers!!!! Mind you, I only just put the follow gadget on the other day. Thinking of taking it off again, unless .... you and some of your readers might be interested in the ramblings of a Further Education lecturer in London??? I'm very new to blogging, and haven't yet sent my blog link to any of my colleagues because they might just recognise me. I have had a few comments so far, which is reassurring! Keep up the good work with this blog. I guess I have some back reading to do!!


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