Twelve things I have never said

1. No, no, I can only eat two squares of that at a time.  Too rich.

2. Let's not go into that stationery shop and look at coloured pens.  Let's go and buy some garden shears.

3. Pff!  Elastic waistbands?  But why?

4. No salted nuts for me, please.  Dinner's only half an hour away.

5. Go cycling after Sunday lunch?  Oh, darling, you have the BEST ideas!

6. I know, I know, the bookshelves are stuffed to perdition.  I'll get rid of some.

7. I really think we should go on a mountaineering holiday this year.

8. Go on the bus?  Boring or what?

9. You know, I really think this plunge-neckline figure-hugging sequinned ballgown suits me.  Especially when I run.

10. Oh, how I love getting up at 6 every morning for work.  So invigorating.  And just listen to that birdsong!

11. You're right - there really are too many soft toys around the house.

12. Let's put mirrors in all the rooms.  I need more opportunities to see myself sideways.


  1. Me either! And never will! I'm not sure about the soft toys thing. I'm afraid to inquire too closely. Do you mean like stuffed Easter bunny rabbits (I hope) or...don't tell me.

  2. Wow, those are 12 things you'll never here ME say as well.

    Glad that I caught up with you finally on your new blog!

  3. #9 pinged a mental picture of the last time you wore that. Weren't you running for the bus???

    Hilarious, Fran! And you do this when you get up at 6, is that right? 'Cos the birdsong puts you in the mood...

  4. Nice list. And, erm, Hi!

  5. Sharon - I mean teddies, ducks, giraffes, dogs, sheep ... a whole variety of stuffed animals. They are everywhere, on shelves and cupboards and beds. It's like a zoo here.

    Little Miss English Teacher - glad you found your way here. Hope you'll stick around even though I'm not a Miss any more. (Well, I am, but not here ...)

    Deborah - You have such a good memory! Yes, I really should stop wearing it unless I'm standing absolutely still.

    Brennig - Hi there! Thanks for coming along!

  6. I can agree with most of those - although with some notable exceptions!

  7. haha! Another awesome "me list." Hey, I just took a closer look at your profile picture. You're so mysterious. Love it.

  8. Alan - that'll be the salted nuts, presumably. I can just see you in a sequinned ballgown ....

    Lesley - you know what they say about people who love lists, don't you? And I have to say, as far as I'm concerned, they're dead right! Glad you like my profile picture. It's my favourite photo of myself.

  9. Anonymous30/3/10 05:23

    I so wish you had said the ballgown one... and taken pictures ;0)

  10. Oh I love this Fran. Do I say that with each blog post you write? I think I do... couldn't help but join in...

    Eight things I have never said

    I’ve gone right off chocolate
    Gosh, can’t wait to get to the gym tonight
    Can’t come out, X Factor is on
    Agatha Christie? Never heard of her
    I’m getting my nails done on Saturday
    No coffee, just green tea for me, ta
    Ooo a Steven Seagal film, brilliant
    I really need some sequin pants like Lady Gaga

  11. Eternally Distracted - keep wishing ....

    Jayne - Seems like you and I have a couple of themes in common ....!

  12. Can this really be you? Who'd have thought it?

  13. David Cameron looks like such an intelligent chap.

    Tony Blair's been harshly misjudged.

    I've never met a sausage not worth licking.

    Super list, Fran!

  14. Martin, that's Me allright. All Me.

    Moptop - love the juxtaposition of the politicians with the pork products.

  15. I just adore stuffed toys around the house.
    pens and pencils? give me more.
    blogging? heavens above, whatever for.

  16. Friko - I have covered the ears of all my teddies, rabbits, penguins, dogs, giraffes, etc, in case they heard what you said. Cruel. Cruel.

  17. Having an inborn horor of lists, I have one sentence which will cover all possibilities of utterences that will never pass my lips - " Let's have a clear out of..." (insert your own words to finish the statement.)
    P.S. I not only collect soft toys - I occasionally stuff a few too...

  18. Jinksy - how do you live without lists?

    I'm the opposite to you. I'm always saying, 'Let's have a clear out of ...' because I love throwing things away. I'm also always saying, 'Oh, I really wish I hadn't thrown away that ...'


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