Evidence that three is a great number, but not always enough for what you want to say

I liked Alexandra Crocodile's idea of 'Me in 3s'.

Three names I go by:
'Oy' (my kids)

Miss (other people's kids)
Me (my inner kid)

Three jobs I've had:
Clearing up vomit in pubs (as  a paid pub cleaner)

Clearing up vomit in cots, beds and buckets (as an unpaid mother)
Clearing up misunderstandings about iambic pentameter and apostrophes (as a paid-but-not-enough teacher)

Three places I've lived:
Spent one night on a bench in Victoria Station once

In my dreams

Three favourite drinks:

More wine
Even more wine
Tea (I know that's 4, but I thought balance was required)

Three TV-shows I (WISHED I HAD TIME TO) watch:
X-Factor (this is where I lose 20 followers at a stroke ... Friko, stay, stay, it's just an aberration)

Those terrible 'look what this plonker did on the motorway' police chase programmes (ditto)
Any costume drama where people cough in the first episode (hah! consumption!) and men appear from lakes

Three places I've been:

At 14, docked in Venice on a ship but didn't get off because I was busy kissing a boy 
Paris, on the hottest day of the year, in a hotel room with no air, on a busy street.  AVOID.
And, recently, I went to a little seaside town in Wales.  Now, what was it called?... I just can't .... No, it's escaped me ... I think it began with .... Oh, shoot ... if only I'd BLOGGED about it, I might have remembered!

Three places I would like to visit:
East Tenby

West Tenby 
South Tenby
North Tenby (oh, come on!  I KNOW that's 4.  But that was NECESSARY.)

Three favourite dishes:
George Clooney

Johnny Depp
Rufus Sewell
My Husband (ditto the three favourite drinks comment)

Three things I'm looking forward to:
Bed (I should be there already)

Next Saturday morning (dawn chorus without wanting to fry birds)


  1. Rufus Sewell? Had to Google him. Turns out I do know who he is. I also found out he's from "Twickenham." Sounds like a town where one would eat Twinkies and ham. Together.

    Please say "Twickenham" 10 times very fast while I stare at my Johnny Depp poster and clean up the vomit that just came out of the cat...

  2. I am looking forward to bed as well.

  3. So, you liked Tenby did you?
    Perhaps this post should have been "Me in 10's"

  4. Ahahaha!!!! This was Great, Miss Oyme!! I was thinking that it would be fun for the Fridge Soup gang to do this except we'd have such a hard act to follow.

    I love your funniness.

  5. P.S. I may nick this meme thing for my own blog if that's OK?

  6. Tenby has made a big impression on you, hasn't it? I know; you're wondering how I picked up on that, aren't you. Male instinct. That's what it is. I'm sensitive to these things.

  7. Brilliant! I am always cheered when you have posted a, erm, post.

  8. Three things in blogland I look for first

    Has Miss posted
    Has Miss posted something non-funny for a change (sometimes my sides ache)
    Has Miss mentioned the X-factor so that I can finally leave her blog (in disgust)

  9. Tenby has a lot to answer for... :)

  10. Oh hello! I didn't know you lived in here as well as Fridge Soup. There is nothing wrong with having the X Factor as your guilty secret - I like it too. And sometimes I read The Sun.... that's really bad.

  11. Mr. Darcy.... Mmmmm.....

  12. X-Factor...?

    Oh, how low.



    Total waste of time.

    What's wrong with you?

    It's just appalling.

    I'm disappointed.

    Have I protested too much, perhaps...? ;0)

  13. Please excuse my ignorance.
    Being a colonial and having an insufficient knowledge of the country of the world's language, I have often wondered; You have Essex, You have Wessex, You have Sussex and You have Middlesex.
    Is there no Norsex?

  14. Amanda - my husband was born in Twickenham. You and he are no longer talking.

    Whispering Writer - bed is my favourite place, combined with BBC Radio 4 and the moonlit sky outside the window.

    Alan - wit or what?

    Deborah - Oyme is such a great name. I will adopt it. You're such fun, the way you play with the Me thing.

    Steve - go ahead. I pinched it from Alexandra and she hasn't cold-shouldered me yet. Keep up with the intuition thing, by the way.

    Moptop - moi aussi with your blog posts. I can't believe I just remembered that from about 35 years ago! Mr Rolfe, my French teacher, would be astounded, especially as I spent most of the time outside the door!

    Friko - come back, come back, I will do better next time!

  15. Brennig - Tenby has around 3 inches round my waistline to answer for, to start with.

    Annie - The Sun? No, no, a step too far. If I admitted anything like that, I'd lose Friko like a shot. I'm already pushing my luck.

    Alexandra Crocodile - my sentiments entirely!

    Kit - I suspect double standards going on, yes.

    Lane - I'm not sure, but it sounds to me like a contraceptive.

  16. I'm just worried that that may not be quite enough wine. Are you sure you're not leaving yourself a bit short?

  17. Mise - Everything in moderation, that's what I say.

  18. X Factor
    Britain's Got Talent
    Over the Rainbow

    Waddaya say to that then, Friko?

  19. I loved the three favourite dishes. I would've said Thai green curry, baked potato and my sisters chick pea ginger thing.

    I think I'd better go back to bed.

  20. I knew you were my kind of gal! Wine - check. X-Factor - CHECK! Tenby, well, maybe not check because I haven't been there but you make it sound so great, I might have to visit!

  21. Anna May - I see you like to live dangerously.

    J J Beattie - Oh! THAT kind of dish? I see! Okay, then. Chinese fried rice. Greek vegetable stew. Fish and chips.

    Talli - you got me thinking. I think I may next go to Tenby during the X-factor season, take some wine with me, and have all three at once. Superb.

  22. Brilliant! I think 'kissing a boy' is a great reason for not doing something else. Must remember that for future ref. Better change it to man though in case someone gets wierded out.

  23. Norsex....isn't that what happened when those tall guys with red beards pillaged their way across ancient Britain? No wonder nobody wanted a reminder on their ordinance maps...

  24. Chris - yes, I think your instincts on that one are completely justified.

    Deborah - very good! And a superb description!

  25. Rufus Sewell and Johnny Depp would be in my favourite dishes too :) x

  26. Fran - you really need to stop maligning me. 'Let me be honest here and tell the truth', I like low-brow. And if I found the Sun lying on a seat in the park, I'd probably read it. (Hidden inside the Guardian, of course)

  27. X Factor? Oh Fran. I always feel like I should have a bucket of rotten tomatoes to throw by my side when I watch those sort of shows. But they are so addictive - if I happen to be passing when one is on, say Over the Rainbow, I stop in my tracks and slowly sink to the nearest available seat, completely absorbed. And have you joined the Tenby tourist board, perchance? Maybe you could compose a jingle for them.

    I thought a week was too long
    But I was so wrong
    Oh Tenby!
    I thought there'd be nothing to do
    But how the time flew
    Oh Tenby!

  28. Oh, what fun! I want to visit Tenby!

    But I'm visiting you, by way of Friko's blog and I am enjoying myself!

  29. Ah...men emerging from lakes...sigh.


    PS would also add American Idol to your tv list (yes, I really need to get a life).

  30. I've been to Tenby, I lived in Twickenham, The Woodlanders is my favourite Hardy, I liked The Tale of Lucy Gault but its nearly as sad as the above,but I don't remember the bursitis in Behind the scenes. I'm just saying hello and I found your blog through Friko's.
    Oh and I share your appreciation of Rufus Sewell. Didn't know he lived in Twickenham.

  31. Alexandra - a woman of taste, then.

    Friko - I apologise. It's just that you have this aura about you. So, do you watch X Factor and then flick quickly to another channel if anyone else comes in?

    Jayne - I love the jingle. When I'm asked to appear on Tenby Radio I will get them to play it before I speak.

    Vicki - S'great to meet you, whether here or in Tenby. But I can guarantee that you will always stay dry while reading my blog. The same, apparently, cannot be said for being in Tenby. Thanks for following. Appreciated.

    Suzanne - it's funny, really, because the average bloke - dripping wet - is not really a pretty sight. So how did Mr Darcy do that?

    Jackie - I approve of you immensely already. Twickenham. Tenby. Rufus worship. We are soul sisters.

  32. Anonymous1/5/10 02:30

    Where's that place that you love again?? I think it is surrounded by sheep?? Erm... the name escapes me...

    It is NEVER necessary to balance wine with tea... that's just wrong! ;0)

  33. Eternally Distracted - I can understand your not remembering the name. I ought to write about it more to help you out ...

  34. Anonymous3/5/10 15:53

    Ah. Now I've seen this meme on two blogs, it means I'll have to do it too. No wait! It's about things in threes, isn't it? That means I can wait til I have seen it in three blogs. (Whose blog should I avoid?)

    Rufus Sewell. Well, well. (Sew Sew.)

    I like him in Cold Comfort Farm. Not 'liked' but 'like'. I have the DVD.

    Your bookreviewstripe is fabbo, by the way.


    (Now let's see how long it takes to get this comment to post).

  35. Absurdoldbird - I've just watched him in 'The Woodlanders' by Hardy. The film wasn't brilliant, but he made up for it all the way. Thanks for your comment on my book reviews. I just can't seem to do it seriously. They just come out like that. I'll never be published in the Times Literary Supplement.


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