Reasons why you should try never to get repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive strain injury

Hey, you guys.
Gripped my arm
An' done me harm.

Too much typing
Loads of tripe in
Has caused twinges
Hence these whinges.

So, my pals -
Guys and gals.
Post I may
But much more? Nay.

For the moment
I can't coment (?)
On your own blog -
I must lone blog.

I 'pologise.
This RSI's
Come right between us.
Oh, what meanness!

If it mends
Then, sure, my friends
I'll recommence
All my COMments.

(Hope the capitalisation helped in the last line with covering up a blatant lowering of standards where rhythm and stress are concerned.)


  1. There's always dictation, you know.

  2. Sorry to hear the news
    that your R.S.I.
    has left you high and dry

    Please don't be gone too long
    and fix yourself real soon
    so we can get our postings back in tune

    Christ, I am a crap poet..... but I wanted to make the effort. I hope your RSI gets better - its a painful affliction.

  3. Hopefully it will not linger
    So you have no other finger
    Replaced by a metal bar
    Conceal-ed by that zig-zag scar.

  4. Martin, your compassion for my condition is overwhelming. I am touched.

    Annie - thanks! I'm not in loads of pain at present - I just want to not get to that position as I understand it can easily be a permanent one. Not good for a writer/teacher/blogger, methinks.

  5. Commiserations and good luck, Fran. Take care.
    See you when you're better.
    (Should you maybe also stop beating your pupils over the head with your ruler? That could damage; to them and you.)

  6. You and me both, I think it must be catching... ouch! I should rest mine but I am plodding on (stupidly).
    Hope you recover quickly.

  7. Oy!!! Speech recognition software?? Although I can only imagine what it would do with your utterings...

    V. sorry to hear that something is going to hold you back from entertaining your loyal followers. I know I shouldn't be selfish, but really, it's been all about Me for months now, and the idea of you gone Missing is too much to bear.

  8. I know in advance that I'm a crap poet so I won't even try. I am so sorry and really hope it goes away soon.

  9. When other digits fail
    type with your toes.
    When their power begins to curtail
    there's always your nose.

    I feel for you Fran, as someone who has had severe flare-ups of tendinitis. Get rest and whenever possible, change the way you do things.

  10. With poems like this that make me smile, I am not bothered about the RSI stopping you commenting, as long as it doesn't stop you blogging.

  11. I am twitching in sympathy.

    I recommend much rest and alcohol to dull the creative pain. But drink from a straw. Don't keep raising the glass to your lips...

  12. Good wishes to the brave and suffering poetic arm (wrist?)

  13. Poor Fran! Hope you get well soon:) I always adore your little rhymes, but the chocolate sonnet is still the best!

  14. To EVERYONE - thank you so much for your nice thoughts, your good wishes and your recommendations. Particularly, I will stop the pupil-beating, will practise typing with my toes, and will drink my neat meths from a straw. I am sure all these things are what the doctor would have said anyway. But I'm not going AWOL altogether. I will be blogging as much as I can. xx


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