Ten reasons for having a new template that has thousands of books on it

1. I lurve it.
2. I lurve it.
3. I lurve it.
4. I lurve it.
5. I lurve it.
6. I lurve it.
7. I lurve it.
8. I lurve it.
9. I lurve it.
10. I lurve it.

(Oh, HOW ANNOYING.  It was all going so well, with all the 'I lurve its' all being in a nice symmetrical row and then, because of the Number 10, which is two digits and not one, it pushed the 'I lurve it' out a bit, so now it doesn't match.)

(Whaddya mean, lighten up?)


  1. Anonymous3/7/10 14:46

    You need to get out more. Or have some chocolate!

  2. MoreIdleThoughts - there's a problem with getting out more. It takes me past the sweet shop.

  3. Just back from my hols. Love the new look!

  4. Martin - welcome back. I love the pictures you've posted of your holiday. (Have a look, peoples.) Glad you like my new library/bookshop look. Me too.

  5. I wish I knew what your accent sounded like, and then the little voice in my head that keeps repeating 'I lurve it, I lurve it' would sound a bit more authentic. And Don't Tell Me You Don't Have One, Either!!

    I also enjoy and appreciate your new template. Being You, it suits Me.

  6. I agree about the annoying not-matching list. I like the book background except that my eyes just naturally want to read TITLES and there ARE none. >:-(

  7. Oh, Fran......I lurve it too.

  8. Anonymous3/7/10 22:50

    Annoying? Absolutely decimalating.
    Thanks for this amusing post.

    All the best, Boonsong

  9. Yes, love the new look. Books are good and it's not possible to have too many. In fact, it's a fact that one can always have more.

  10. See, what you should have done was:


    I've given this a lot of thought.

  11. The cats felt the same way about the fish on their template. Sure sign of a mind that doesn't have enough to do, I told 'em.....

  12. Anonymous4/7/10 03:25

    I lurve the template too, Fran. I deliberated over having it, but as I used to work in a library I decided not. I'd be itching to put labels on the spines then file them in some sort of order! Now, I'm getting a life...

    Your previous post on chocolate made me laugh. Any left?

  13. You've decorated ! It looks lovely.

    Anna May x

  14. Love the new template. I hear ya about number 10 though. It's very annoying.

  15. Severe OCD, I have it too.

  16. LOL, simple and to the point. I want to grow up and be like that.

  17. excellent template, very attractive.
    And there you were, telling us all how you can't do technology.

  18. Bloody hell Fran, we should be twins. I get totally pissed off with extra digit involved in the 10. It just makes lists look disorderly. Maybe we should form an OCD splinter group?!

    I love the new look of your blog by the way... The books look fab!

  19. Hey all - I'm glad you approve of the new look. Sorry about the lack of book titles though. This is because these are all the books I will have published in the next 10 years and they only have working titles as yet .....

    OCD? Nah! I'm just a little fussy. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you say.)

  20. Christine - all the chocolate is still in the bag where I left it yesterday. Although I say it myself, I have been a saint. (It did help that I have been out of the house from early morning to mid-evening. I just need to get myself to bed and free from danger.)

    Friko - all I did was press a button and it turned it to this! Not very stretching in the techno-stakes.

  21. Could you just add an extra space after numbers 1 to 9? I know it's very important.

  22. Mise - I know, I know. Hindsight is all very well. It's just a shame it happens after the event. Steve's suggestion (01, 02, 03) was also very sensible. I just don't think of these things. Sigh.

  23. I picked this back ground too! (Not copying - I think we both chose independently!... Great minds think alike!) But no-one said how nice mine looked 8-( *sulks* then *gets over it* 8-)

  24. Brokenbiro - I think we picked the best background ever. And, by the way, I think yours looks lovely.

  25. Aw shucks! Thanks - and have a great summer break! x


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