Evidence that restaurant owners should choose the name of their establishment carefully ....

Have just had a leaflet through the door from a restaurant offering a takeaway service.

It's called 'Been Restaurant'.

It's not just me, is it?  Would this worry anyone else?  It reminds me of an old joke in which a man goes into a restaurant and orders soup.  It's vile.  He calls the waiter over.

Man: 'What's this I'm eating?  It's disgusting!'
Waiter: 'It's bean soup, sir.'
Man: 'I don't care about its past.  It's what it's like now that worries me.'

Lame, I know.  But it gives me an excuse to go playing the Google Images game, my favourite.

bean soup

Has bean soup

Could well have bean soup


  1. Grusome! Thank goodness I ate my tea before looking at this one, or it could have put me off. I totally agree, 'Been' it too close to 'Has Been' and begs the comment, 'Has been lord knows what' - which would ba an apt title for your final photo today...

  2. O, you disgustingly funny person, you. In spite of myself I laughed at the third picture.

  3. The last picture reminds me of a customer in a fish bar, who was asked by the assistant, "Are you eating here, or taking it away?" The customer replied, "Both...I hope."

  4. Christ! What is that in the second photograph? It looks absolutely putrid.

  5. Steve - Bin. Enjoying. Your. Comment.

    Jinksy - yes, sorry. Should've resisted, but I couldn't.

    Friko - so I guess I'm forgiven for trashing Austen, then, if I made you laugh?

    Martin - Good one. My other favourite fish joke is 'what do you call a fish with no eyes?'. Answer: 'fsh'. But that one doesn't work so well in the writing as in the telling.

    Annie - I just googled 'Soup with mould' and that's what I got! I LOVE Google Images.

  6. Oh for the love of GOD. I was just tucking into a biscuit.
    Gone orf it now!

  7. And why are you not on Twitter? I want to go on there and yell BLEURGH at you . . .

  8. Tara - saved you a few calories, then. Be grateful. And please feel free to yell BLEURGH at me right here. Why am I not on Twitter? Because it scares me every time I look at it (which I do) because a zillion people are talking at once all on different subjects. And I am very technounsavvy.

  9. I LOVE that joke, and I make bean soup quite a lot!

  10. ewww, where did you get those pictures??

  11. If it's English would they have Beans on toast on the menu?

  12. Brokenbiro - it's an old joke but a good one. The old ones are the best.

    Lesley - you've no idea how much fun I have typing random things into Google Images. I need a life.

    Nana - only in small cafes because it's seen as a snack rather than a proper meal. This restaurant, though, might have 'Been on Toast' - a new recipe in which you scrape off pieces of toast what people didn't quite finish at breakfast and serve it up for dinner with a rocket salad and some wilted greens.

  13. Again: YOU SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING!! Plus I just snorted hot tea. Dreadful lady.

  14. There's a Chinese restaurant near us called Ho Ho, which is at least cheerful. I don't think I'll be eating beans for a while ...

  15. I almost upchucked my soup laughing at the last photo and caption, LOL!
    Glad to be here, thanks for your comment today! - G

  16. Well, again the only thing to say is: grue.

    (Reinforcement, you know. Teach something one week and then remind them of it several times.)

  17. Fran, will you kindly do another post? I keep coming back to check if you have, which causes me to see your pictures, which puts me off my lunch. This has not, unfortunately, resulted in my losing lots of weight, which would be a consolation.

    Please post a series of jokes about flowers or kittens next. No, actually, I don't think I trust you with kittens (in a blog, I mean. I'm sure you're sweetness and light with our fluffy friends in real life). So: flowers?

  18. Ha, ha, ha! Loved it:)

    There used to be a resturant in my home town called "Coffins" Apparently it was dead good:)

  19. Inner Pickle - I guess that will do you more good than cocaine. Oh, I see. You snorted tea OUT! Sorry!

    Karen - I really wouldn't be able to take a restaurant called Ho Ho seriously either.

    Georgina Dollface - 'upchucked' is a great verb.

    Isabelle - the kittens are on my list. My hit list.

    Jane - and very quiet, no doubt ...

  20. I've been unimpressed by this restaurant's name ever since I heard it. But maybe it works, in a way. Look at all this free publicity, for starters.

  21. Stan - Maybe it's reverse psychology. I mean, there was a driving school near where I used to live called 'Impact', and a funeral director called Wake & Paine. You couldn't make them up. But they've both been in business for years.


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