Why I take it all back. Fran is good. Really good.

I take back everything I said about wanting to be called Pauline and not Fran.  My daughter (who has her own blog here about the year in Japan she has just embarked upon) has just sent me this picture from Japan of a type of chocolate there.  My name is officially linked with chocolate.  I am very, very happy.  Chocolates called Pauline just wouldn't be the same.

Now chocolate and Fran were officially linked, she could see no reason
why she should limit her consumption.  In time, the doors would need widening,
but that was just how it would have to be.


  1. What's that expression...'it was calling my name...'?

  2. Fran I love you. At least 3 times a day I have to have you. I'm addicted to you Fran but unlike other sweets you won't rot my teeth 'cos you just melt in my mouth. Fran you are perfect.

    Polly, put the kettle on.

  3. Deborah - chocolate has been calling my name for a long time. Actually, I answer whoever's flipping name it's calling. I hear it speak. I eat.

    Steve - ooh er.

  4. Well, there you are then.

  5. Pauline Praline just doesn't cut the mustard, does it? How does a Fran Flake sound? Not that I'm suggesting, for one moment, that you're flakey.

  6. Friko - yes, all sorted. I promise I won't moan again.

    Martin - Of course you're not. I know you wouldn't dream of it.

  7. I'm tittering at MartinH. Pauline Praline indeed.

  8. But Fran is a lovely name - nice and soft to say. Pauline is just too plosive and could never lend itself to confectionery - not chocolate confection anyway - maybe pear drops.

    And the Japanese don't put many calories in their chocolate. It's a well known fact so your daughter need not worry:-)

  9. Those chocolate bars do definitely tip the scales in favour of Fran .
    P.S. Internet is wonderful , isn't it ? I didn't know they ate chocolate with chopsticks in Japan .

  10. Lucky you! My name is linked with grape pop (racinette). I don't like grape pop:-(

  11. Can I have some Fran chocolate?

  12. Ooooo - love the look of Fran chocolates!!

  13. Anonymous4/10/10 23:42

    So pleased that you've got it licked!

  14. Fran in her many exotic moods, but which is the real Fran? (That one in the middle looks a bit dodgy so don't go for that one, will you?)

  15. You have your own chocolate? Why haven't you told us you were famous in Japan?

  16. Bon. Trés bon. Bonbon even.


  17. Bluestocking Mum - Martin's comments are very titteratable, I find.

    Lane - that's great news about the low-calorie Japanese chocolate. The best news I've had all week, in fact.

    SmitandSon - I must admit, I couldn't be bothered with the chopsticks for chocolate. Just the bare, grabbing hands work fine.

    WW - only if you're very good.

    Jemi - hands off. Mine.

    Christine - very good, very good!

    Chris -which is the real Fran? The eternal question.

    Alexandra - I didn't KNOW I was famous. Now I do, I'm just sitting here waiting for all the calls....

    Carolina - Ha ha!

  18. Lane - Unfortunately, the result is, it doesn't taste very nice.
    SmitoniusAndSonata - They really don't.
    In response to everyone - the one on the left is the original version, just chocolate, the one in the middle is strawberry flavoured and the one on the left is actually green tea flavoured.

  19. Oy, Japanese Student, stop fraternising with my followers! Get off! (Apologies, peoples. You know how kids are. Just getting under your feet all the time.)

  20. Chocolate, by any other name, would taste as sweet. In other words, they could call it cow poop and I'd eat it. I might not TELL anybody I ate it, but I'd eat it. Dammit.

    Japanese Student, what about the one on the RIGHT? :-p


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