Evidence that coughing continuously for a week eventually causes other problems ...

I have laryngitis and am off sick, having got into school this morning only to find that when someone said hello I couldn't answer back.  I had to set cover work for my lessons then come home.

That's why I'm whispering.

But even whispering hurts.  

*Sighs resignedly and goes off to hang head over a bowl of steamy water* 

Evidence that Fran is not the only Big Lady to have had this problem


  1. Don't make a sound.
    Stay home with a hot towel wrapped around your neck and Vicks underneath. Even if it doesn't cure you, it'll make you feel cozy and cared for, won't it?

  2. Customer: Milkshake, please.

    Assistant: (whispering) Raspberry or vanilla?

    Customer: Have you got laryngitis?

    Assistant: No, only raspberry or vanilla.

    Rotten thing, laryngitis. I once spent weeks setting up a conference. Came the big day, and I was voiceless. The conference was a success, so draw your own conclusions.

    Get well soon.

  3. Olbas oil in the steamy water is good? Poor you; get better soon. Abby

  4. I had it too, my allergies were acting up I took medication and dried up my vocal cords. Use to get this regularly when I was a teacher, the kids loved it.

  5. No tea , then . Apparently it dehydrates the throat and makes it worse .
    Gin , whisky , rum , brandy , tequila , port'n'lemon , ginger wine , ouzo , grappa and Guiness don't have any adverse effects . So a judiciously mixed cocktail or two can't do anything but good .

  6. Oh no, poor you. Get well soon x

  7. Oh poor you - wish you better soon!

  8. Take care and inhale lots of steam - teacher's voices are really vulnerable, my husband once lost his for 3 months! Communicating by note gets very tedious..

  9. Anonymous6/1/11 10:12

    Hope you'll be back in voice soon. Best wishes.

  10. Whiskey, honey and hot lemonade. Seriously. It is the medicine of the gods and works a treat.

  11. A sofa, a slanket and a good book is the best cure for laryngitis.
    Get well soon,

    Anna May x

  12. Steve has the right idea. Get well soon. Why am I whispering??

  13. Get well soon...it's frightening what students will do when left to their own devices.

  14. Thank you everyone for your comments and good wishes and cure suggestions. I have steamed myself silly and look most appealing in this shade of puce. SmitandSon - the cocktail mixture you suggested (you did mean, all of that together, didn't you?) has made me feel extremely happy. I just can't tell anyone about it, verbally anyway.

  15. Aww, I hope you feel better soon. Just goes to show you that walking is bad for your health and you were probably better on a flu-ridden bus.
    Did you have a real Christmas tree, by any chance ?, I had a sore throat and sneezing fits until I got rid of it.

  16. I could send you some of my potions as I bought out Boots yesterday. Oh and I'm whispering too.

    I'm using Karvol in hot water - mum's orders she & step dad were in Choirs & always steaming their throat. Oh mum was a teaher too !

    Going back to Doc today as someone suggested I might have toncilitis. Not likely as I had my toncils out when I was twelve !

    Keep warm, dosed up, gargled & steamed

  17. Glad it's only your voice - when I read the heading, I jumped to the (thankfully) wrong conclusion of a continence nature....


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