Evidence that nothing lasts for ever (sob)

I'm starting a new teaching job in a different school on Tuesday.  It's a 10 minute walk from my house.

You know what this means, don't you?.........  (Cue sad and woeful rendition of funeral dirge.)

No, silly.  It doesn't mean I will die if I have to walk for more than 9 minutes at a time!  Did I ever give you that impression?

Okay, granted. Yes, I have.  Many times.  And if I never said it explicitly, you've gathered it from my continual references to eating my body weight in Lindt products/buns the size of continents/leftovers scraped from the back of the fridge in desperate moments.

No, what I mean is, if I'm walking, there'll be less opportunity for stories about  ...

Yes, you guessed it.  Wave bye-bye to the bus, everybody .....

RIP Bus Stories

I know!  I know!  How am I going to manage?  What am I going to write about?  Does this mean that by tomorrow a hundred followers will have un-followed me, thinking, 'Pff.  No bus stories?  Forget it!'

But wait .... who's to say that interesting/bizarre/frankly tedious but repackaged as entertaining things won't happen to me while I'm walking to and from school?  Maybe there's a rich seam of source material there which I just haven't considered!  After all, this post was something that happened while I was out walking, and so was this one, and this one.

Watch this space, that's all I'm saying.


  1. My bet is you'll gather more material from a 10 minute walk than most of us gather in a lifetime. Happy walking!

  2. All the best for your new job - knock their socks off!

    Now you will just have to travel on buses on special occasions like the rest of us. Birthdays, anniversaries, funerals - tho' the driver was not at all helpful on that occasion. Said our 'luggage' was taking up too much room. Pah!

  3. I have zero doubt that you will find stories at least as entertaining while you're trudging along for your nine minutes.

  4. Maybe it's time to publish and omnibus omnibus?

  5. Of course, I meant an omnibus omnibus. I've been enjoying your pieces for TES, too.

  6. Maybe you could ride a circuit on the bus during your lunchbreaks? Do it for pleasure rather than necessity? I'm sure Goldline will welcome your continued financial support.

  7. I get my ideas for Blog posts while out walking. I walk a lot as I do not drive also I have a dog with no concept that he has had enough exercise. I like to people watch & see how they walk. I also look for people who look like their dogs as I guess I do !
    I know ALL the dog haters and dog lovers. I have lots of chats with elderly gents too.
    So walking rocks - enjoy & I look forward to reading what happens to you !

  8. I am so looking forward to reading your walking to school stories.
    Happy 2011 to you and yours and thanks for all the witty 2010 stories.

  9. Set the classes the essay title, 'What happened on my way to school' = plenty of material?

  10. Good luck in the new job. Looking forward to plenty of interesting stories in 2011.

  11. Sigh. Bye bye bus. To mark this momentous occasion I will launch into a rendition of a traditional and well loved Scottish song;

    "You cannae shove your granny off a bus
    No you cannae shove your granny off a bus
    You cannae shove your granny
    Cos she's your mammy's mammy,
    But you can shove your other granny off a bus."

    I worry about my adopted country sometimes.

  12. Raining Acorns - well, I'll have a good try, anyway.

    Moptop - but surely every trip on a bus is a special occasion ...?

    June - we'll see, we'll see.

    Martin - I guess I could call it the 'On De Bus Omnibus'. And thanks for reading my TES pieces.

    Steve - lunch breaks? You've never been a teacher, then ....?

    bad penny - maybe I should get myself a dog. But they won't like that at school. So maybe an IMAGINARY dog, like an imaginary friend. Now, there's an idea ...

    Brigid - I have a feeling I may have set myself up here - don't expect too much ... I don't know how much entertainment I can get out of putting one foot in front of the other.

    Vintage TT - Please send more lesson plans immediately.

    Helen Smith - arrgh! Another one expecting material! I shall need to get onto this ....

    Katie - We used to sing that with the kids when they were little. I'm sure it was in a book we had. Such a great little tune, and so full of good ideas for entertaining activities.

  13. This could be the start of something beautiful.

    You could even have a Sandra Bullock / Keanu Reeves moment!

    Good luck starting the new job and happy new year Fran.

  14. Errr I stepped away from the computer, only to have a serious DERRRRR moment.

    You're not going to have a Sandra / Keanu moment, are you? Because we're saying GOODBYE to the bus.

    I am all topsy tervy today. In my defence I've been ill for nearly 5 weeks so don't know if am Arthur or Martha at the moment.

  15. This Mid 30s Life - don't worry - I'm totally rubbish with cultural references because I've only watched a tenth of the films everyone else has watched. My daughter in law tells me it's from 'Speed'. I knew she'd know!

  16. (Sandra and Keanu had a kissing moment after the bus blew up).

    May I suggest a class field trip on the bus?

  17. A new year, a new job, AND new blog material! You are a lucky girl! I hope both the new year and the new job are wonderful. You are so fortunate to live within walking distance of work...low cost transportation and exercise. You'll probably have to increase your calorie intake so you don't melt away.

  18. Happy new year to you me dear! You are the writing equivalent of a coal miner - I am positive that you will manage to keep us all entertained with your walking-to-work stories! Looking forward to them already!

  19. Careful now! I once married a man I met on my ten minute walk to work. Not after the first ten minutes, though - I met him a few times first.

    Hope you love your new school! x

  20. I bet you'll find lots of entertainment on those walks :) Have fun at the new school!

  21. Just think of all the stories you'll get from the new job. I guess its what you take from an experience and the way you write about it that makes it interesting. Looking forward to more walking stories.

    Good luck in the new job

  22. I still miss the 227 which runs from Crystal Palace to Bromley having moved to the sticks 9 years ago. In fact I miss public transport altogether. The occasional trip on GWR is about my limit these days

  23. Happy New Year m'dear. I'm sure you'll soon have us all entertained with your walking-to- work stories.

    I was only thinking about you earlier with my little one going back to school.

    Hope all goes well with the new position.

    D xx

  24. Admittedly, the image of you in THAT dress running for the bus (I will never forget it) would not have had the same impact as you, um, running for school in the same dress. Or would it? Frankly, Miss, I think that you can do anything with any situation, including a sidewalk. (Oh, you don't call them that, do you?)
    It may be an adjustment, but I have full confidence in your making hay out of a 10-minute walk to school. Besides, doesn't walking regularly mean you can eat more chocolate??

  25. Just don't fade away to nothing with all that walking now. Thank goodness for the fish and chip shop to protect you from that fate.


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