Evidence that I should perhaps write something sensible every now and then

I've been looking at the list of phrases people have typed into a search engine before they end up at my blog.

Is there any sense in which the searches people do reflect the general tone, content and quality of one's blog, do you think?  Should I worry?........

Dressing post baby large chest
Traditional elongated earlobes, pictures
An analogy about me being a boot
Black on inside of stretched earlobe
Fairy tail adapted
Fran flake
Hairy cyst with teeth
Laryngitis whisper can’t speak
Sheep costume ears
Goofy looking old guy photo
Baby ears pierced ‘spain
Planet zog reading game

Yay!  I type in 'baby dressed in foil grieving for buses ruined classic book titles general bunkum' and look what I get!


  1. "Traditional elongated earlobes, pictures" - that was me. I don't want none of them newfangled modern nouveau whatsit elongated earlobes... I want 'em traditional!

  2. So, tell me again, is that a list of MA topics?

  3. The searches paint a wonderful picture of you - let's see the real you, please, please, so we can see if they offer a fair illustration!

    Your blog is fine! I think the search engine is due for a M.O.T!

    Anna :o]

  4. Yikes! That's quite the list.

    I love your randomness! Don't stop.

  5. If the list had been on a description of the blog, I never would have clicked to view it! This is a case of the whole being much more than the random parts.

  6. I believed I used the word "loopy" to describe you...? Proof, if proof were needed.

    Actually, being a bit of a rubbish typist, I typed "loppy" at first there. Do you feel you're loppy as well?

    And I initially typed "ruggish" to describe my typing. This could run and run...

  7. Steve - I note you haven't yet posted a profile picture of yourself with your new earlobes. Get to it.

    vintage - they are all available via the Open University. The Very Open University.

    Hypercryptical - are you saying you think I really don't have a magazine cover as a face?

    Talli - I fear I never will.

    Nana - I'm not sure the whole isn't just as random as the parts, in this case.

    PhotoPuddle - glad it made you smile.

    Isabelle - I'd love to see some of the resources you produce for your teaching ...

  8. Your searchers at least show a bit of imagination. Not a week goes by, on our blog, when we don't get at least one search like this:"giada de laurentiis cleavage." (For those who are uninitiated, Giada is a cooking show host.) Such searchers must go away very disappointed, as, while Giada's photo appears in the post, she is modestly attired.

  9. Those searches are awesome. My searches are boring in comparison.

  10. So, do you think Fran Flakes help you to blog regularly? So to speak.

  11. Raining Acorns - I'd love it if there were a system whereby your computer took a photo of the person who finds the blog and records their first reaction.

    Eat my Shorts - are you sure about this? With a blog name like yours?...

    Martin H - (I am having to put an H after the Martin now to distinguish between you and Martin Milko) Ha ha. Yes, they help with writer's block, too ...

  12. Absolutely! And while I promise not to clutter your comment box, I had to write to say that I'm right now picturing the reaction of the person who searched for this today "Where does giada get her milk bottles" and wound up at RA . . .

  13. Ah yes, I love the smell of hairy cysts in the morning.
    Please refuse treatment,Fran. I like you just as you are.
    Anna May x

  14. Fran Flake made me giggle. It reminds me of a superhero or something. "I'm Fran and I attack enemies with FLAKES!" Flakes of what, who knows? The sky is the limit.

  15. How did they get Hairy cyst with teeth? LOL

  16. Where can you buy Fran Flakes ? They sound very healthy to me and do they come covered in chocolate ? If they do my son might like them for breakfast.

  17. Got totally distracted from whatever I was going to say about this by your book reviews, which have changed since I was last able to pay attention to your sidebars. (Do someething with that expression, will you, Miss Fran??) And there, at the TOP, is the name of the very book I've been hunting for in my randomly accessed memory!

    I would proud, if I were you, to be the search engine equivalent of 'all roads lead to Rome'. Well done.

  18. Anna May - makes a change from the smell of cooking bacon, I guess. Quite a big change, in fact.

    WW - yes, I see the superhero thing. There should be a film ...

    Eliza - I think it's because (are you squeamish?) there is actually a kind of ovarian cyst that has teeth and hair and nails in it. Vile or what?

    bad penny - Luckily for you, I have just launched my own range of Fran Flakes. To you, only £350.00 a box.

    Deborah - 'Room' is fantastic, if that's the one you're referring to. Such a good excuse not to do the ironing/shopping for socks/cleaning the bathroom grouting ...

  19. Just put bleach in a spray bottle and let loose on that grout, Miss. It'll give you more time to read. And yes, it was Room I was after. Thanks a bunch!!

  20. I wouldn't bother .... Something Sensible sounds like Surgical Stockings , Steradent and Stairlift .
    Seriously Somniferous .

  21. Dear Heaven !! I've just had another look at our blogname !!
    Alliteration ......

  22. My favourite is 'an analogy about me being a boot' I think you should be proud of that one.

    Good work!

  23. Nice post. Loved your blog..great one!

  24. I'm only here for the fairy tails ;~(0)


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