An apology for absence AKA a list of excuses

Maybe it's time to explain my relative absence from the blogosphere and the likelihood of more absence .....

Some good news:  I have a new job.  Sometimes I like doing it.

The flip side:  I am drowning in work like I've never drowned in work before and can't keep up with reading your blogs, even though I need the laugh like I've never needed laughs before.

Some good news:  I have had a couple of recent opportunities to perform some poetry and more to come.

The flip side:  That means I have to write fresh stuff.

Some good news:  I like writing fresh stuff.  It's well fun.

The flip side:  I don't have time to write blog posts about wrapping babies in foil or in dead cats.

The good news:  You don't have to read my posts about wrapping babies in foil or dead cats.

The flip side:  You may be as sick in the head as I am and therefore wanting to.

Some good news:  I have found out how to use Twitter (in a very basic fashion)

The flip side:  I have found out that Twitter isn't just a 'drop-in-once-a-week' kind of deal, like an acquaintance with whom one has tea politely then goes off again for ages.  Twitter wants a full-on relationship with snogging and everything.

Some good news:  I am getting much better at marking work and planning lessons than I used to be.

The flip side:  It still takes hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours.

Some good news:  The days have 24 whole hours in them.

The flip side:  If you don't sleep for at least some of those hours, you look like you DID drown.

Fran was finding marking with one hand and underwater a challenge, but it had to be done by Monday.


  1. Congratulations, I think! Watch out for new jobs. They can totally change your life.

  2. I truly sympathise - getting the work / fun balance right in life is a constant battle. And by getting it right I mean no work and all fun.

  3. Congrats on the new job! Your list of excuses is Fran-larious, as always, and useful for many occasions. You might consider patenting them . . . in your spare time. . .

  4. Your absence is excused, as long as you're having fun...and I suspect you are.

    I recently opened a Twitter account but, as I suspected, I just don't have the time it takes to tweet as often as it takes to get cred. Must try harder.

  5. It's nice to see you pop up on twitter (and you, Martin!) but don't sweat it - it's very forgiving and it takes time to build up the 'cred' as you call it, but you will - you're one of the funniest ladies I've 'met' in cyberspace... and your comments/posts are always well worth the wait!! 8-)

  6. Congratulations, don't let it tip the balance and keep smiling.

  7. You were missed. But we understand. And you will be fine. There's lots to get your head round in a new job. Welcome to Maslow's world of being a conscious incompetent. Theory says you will be at least six months in this state but you'll soon progress along the stages and be doing it standing on your head ;)



    PS - now you know why I don't do anything on Twitter.

  8. You're on Twitter, Fran? *zooms to twitter, finds you, follows. Gets sucked into Twitterville for hours. Limps back*

    New jobs, while lovely in their new-ish-ness, sort of lose their shine when it comes to actual work-ish-ness. Hopefully it'll settle itself down into an acceptable balance soon!

  9. I want a note from your Mum confirming why you have been absent

    Anna May x

  10. I really don't recommend teaching while standing on your head.

    I have 38 working days to go. There - you wanted something to cheer you up, didn't you?

    Missing your blogs, though not so much the cruel-to-small-sentient-creatures ones.

  11. Congratulations on the new job. We'll be here when you get a chance to drop in for a visit.

  12. Just a friendly word of warning. Once your hooked on Twitter, you have time for nothing else....don't say you weren't warned!

  13. Yay! Congratulations on the new job.

  14. I suppose you'll be wanting us to write you an excuse now? Oh... all right. The world needs more Fran! We'll share.

  15. Congratulations on the new job Fran - that is marvellous news! If is any consolation, I am finding it a bit hard fitting in everything at the moment. My twitter account is just a step too far at the moment.

  16. Anonymous7/6/11 12:26

    NEW JOB!? Congratulations!! :)


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