Evidence that saying you won't blog is a surefire way of thinking of something to blog about

It tickled me that the day after I posted saying, 'I won't be posting much' I get another follower.  Is this because someone, having read my blog, found the thought of me NOT posting really appealing, so they joined up?

Anyway, while I'm here, I want to show you this German who has won a world's best beard competition.  His beard has a moose in it.

I wonder if, somewhere, there is a moose sporting a beard with a German sculpted into it.  I would like to see that picture very much.

Talking about beards, I wrote a blog post once about Goldilocks and The Three Beards to show what harmy can be done just by adding another consonant to a word by mistake.  If you can be bothered, it is right here.

If you can't be bothered, you are perhaps tired and weary, so here is a nice picture of some fish for you to look at instead.  They are kissing.  Isn't that sweet?

Hey, they think we're peaceful to look at.  Hah!  Look at them, peering in through the glass.
Why don't you do your party trick?
Okay, I will.  On the count of three, okay?  One.  Two.  Three.  Turn!

Esmerelda's husband just couldn't understand why he'd come home from the office to find his wife on the sofa
and the fish bowl in the shed.


  1. You are always entertaining, even when saying you won't be posting much, people laugh and follow!

  2. I find that beard very disturbing. Moreso than the fish because I can't help but wonder if he sculpts his bodily hair.

  3. Your stream of consciousness is much more exciting than mine . Moose to bearded piranhas in thirteen lines .
    Steve's , on the other hand , is disturbing ...

  4. Did you make good use of the Blogger outage? (sorry about the word, it's for real)

    Mooses in beards? Typical.

    I like the one with the teeth, his beards not bad either.

  5. Anonymous16/5/11 15:01

    You have to keep posting. For one reason, you make me smile. Fish kissing. And then Esmerelda. Who isn't Esmerelda sometimes? Maybe many times is more like it.

    I need to come over here more often. Have decided I will--to get away from it all and enjoy myself.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  6. so could be a Esmerelda :) love the blog

  7. "...and the fish bowl in the shed." The more I think about this and the "party trick"...Bahahaha!

  8. Are we sure it's a moose or an elk? If he puts fauna in his a beard species must be important!

    Move over Edward Lear.

  9. I wonder if Father Christmas has seen the beard pic - he could have a sleigh on one side and reindeer on the other......

  10. I heard about that man on the radio earlier & now I've seen his picture thanks to you. He looks older than 47 maybe he should shave off his award winning beard & be as smooth as baby's bum.
    Sweet fish x
    I always think that I have nothing to Blog about & then something totaly random pops into my head.

  11. I have a friend whom I call 'fish'! Can you believe!!! ? lol! Yes that picture is surely sweet.
    A Peep Into Your Mind
    A journey through your mind.

  12. You daft git! That made me laugh my head off - the bit where you got an extra follower once you mentioned that you weren't going to be posting as much!


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