Reasons why I want to be a Samoan

Samoa is jumping forward a day and I'm thinking, 'Hey, I want some of that'.  Join my 'Why-Should-Samoa-get-all-the-Luck?' campaign and read my campaign statement here on Poetry 24

'Hey, Dad.  This is fab.  Not many of the other little boy pandas can claim to be going on 28 dates!'


  1. I'd like to jump the working week but still get paid for it. Bet the answer's no there too.

  2. It's a bit of a bugger for the Samoans whose birthday is on the day they've jumped....

  3. Apparently Samoa has more than compatibility with OZ & New Zealand time zones to be thankful for. I have an expat lady friend (of modest girth) that works with me in Papua New Guinea, and she desperately wants to "become" Samoan....simply because she considers that she would look positively skinny over there.

    Just another way of looking at the cultural differences I suppose, however I think that not too many blokes would have considered that positive aspect.



  4. Am I allowed to jump SATs, with the miracle that each paper is done, sealed, posted and the kids levels are good?

    If so I am up for that.

  5. You could give up the teaching life and move to Samoa with the pandas?!

  6. Steve - I think your expectations may be a little high, yes.

    Vintage Tea Time - this is true. But then again they don't have to open any parcels of socks and hankies either.

    Rick - I'm with your friend, I'm afraid.

    Charlotte - you want miracles as WELL as jumping a day?

    Katie - Hm. Not a bad idea. Not a bad idea.

  7. I have no idea of what the entry requirements are for would-be immigrants to Samoa , but am sure you'd be looked on favourably given your specialist knowledge of commas (the placing-of) , apostrophes and related punctuation problems .

  8. As long as I don't miss "The Apprentice", I'm up for that.

  9. Blimey, excuse me for asking, but why are the Samoans jumping a day? I can't think of any reason to do that unless it is National Enema Day


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