Reasons why Serbians might be more careful which concerts they spend their money on in future

Don't get me wrong.  I actually think Amy Winehouse is fabulous.  When she's not too wasted to sing.

My poem about Amy's visit to Serbia on Poetry 24


  1. I thought your poem was great
    And I anxiously await
    Your next one--you're so articulate
    Just don't fall down!

    Your poem was very funny
    It was right on the money
    So be very careful, Honey
    And don't fall down!

  2. Had me sniggering out loud. You're the Pam Ayres of the blogging world you are. And I mean that as a compliment.

  3. I wonder if it's the fact that she IS so wasted that makes Amy Winehouse so fabulous?
    Its a bit like Greenpeace and the National Trust- if they're doing it so well, then I have a clean consience about not having to do it myself!

  4. I'm not Amy's biggest fan, but then I admire the work of Pete Doherty...go figure. However, I am a Fran fan, and that poem was 'top drawer'.

  5. fishducky - thanks for your poetic comment!

    Steve - I wouldn't have taken it any other way. Oi be thankin' you.

    ted and bunny - I prefer her when I can hear the words, I have to say.

    Martin H - Can the English say 'go figure' and get away with it?... But I'll forgive you, cause then you say 'top drawer' which is straight out of the English Gentlemen's dictionary.

  6. Amy Winehouse has remained the sort of girl that the headmistress would sigh over , hasn't she ! Bless her .

  7. I'm just glad she's not my daughter. Or indeed in one of my classes.

  8. I nearly forgot all about Amy Winehouse.

  9. SmitandSon - she has, she has, you're right. She'd be the one turning up late for assembly in high heeled red shoes and doing her mascara.

    Isabelle - yes, imagine being Mummy Winehouse. Not good.

    Amber - not easy!


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