Evidence that pork is a surprisingly apt subject for a sonnet

Did you hear about the Tesco sausage advert that got banned?  I wondered how all the piggy actors felt, having what might have been their only chance at fame dashed to pieces.  And I wrote a poem about it for Poetry 24.

Perhaps the only sonnet written about sausage

Percy Pig was devastated.  He'd already got his costume ready for the BAFTA award ceremony.


  1. And very tasty it was, too!

  2. LOVED your sonnet, Fran! Brilliant.

  3. That is well funny!! Your imaginatino is WAY to vivid Fran ;-)

  4. Hands up all those who believe that supermarket sausages have pork in them , anyway ?
    Really ?

  5. Martin - I always aim to please.

    Frances - thank you! Thank you especially for the capital letters. They mean a lot.

    Annie - Hm ... you're not the first to say it.

    SmitandSon - I don't know why I'm writing this stuff anyway. I'm vegetarian! Thanks for commenting on Poetry 24 too.


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